Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leibowitz and McLachlan

I've fallen in love with the work of Taryn Leibowitz and Tamie McLachlan, partners in the design firm Leibowitz and McLachlan.

I'm way behind the times because Desire to Inspire featured this Sydney duo way back in October 2007, while Blair from Delight by Design and Erin from Designs 4 Living featured them earlier this year.

And now these talented designers have hit the big time, with a feature in the US magazine Interiors, including the front cover.

And their moment in the sun is warranted, as their work is absolutely beautiful.

I have loved every image I've seen so far of their work. Their look is classic, yet fresh. Sophisticated but comfortable. I love the colours too - lashings of white, dark dark wooden floors and lots of punches of dark neutrals.

Their bathrooms are magnificent. Lots of beautiful marble or travertine, warmed up with fabulous details like antique mirrors and perfume bottles, and fluffy white towells.

They have a great eye for texture, and I love their blend of antiques and new pieces.

This zinc coffee table is fantastic.

I love this room - very beachy and laid back, but still sophisticated. You could put your feet up here.

Squidgy couches and a classic white kitchen, what more could you ask for.

Love the texture of this pendant against the cool, smooth white marble.

There's lots of lovely little details everywhere, adding warmth and interest.

I have looked everywhere in Adelaide for chairs like these below! I would love one for my study and one on each end of my dining table.

Outdoor areas are equally beautiful.

I find these designers so inspiring. I can't wait to see what other wonderful homes they create in the future.

All images from Leibowitz and McLachlan, Desire to Inspire, Delight by Design, Designs 4 Living and Content Agency.

Best wishes,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shutterly divine

For as long as I can remember, I have adored plantation shutters. At one time they used to be as rare as hen's teeth here in Australia, but these days they are becoming more common, particularly in lovely old classic homes.

I've always thought of white when thinking of plantation shutters, but they also look smart in black, or sophisticated in a soft grey colour.

Images 1 scanned from Australian Better Homes and Gardens 2 scanned from Australian Home Beautiful 3 Coastal Living 4 Maree Homer 5 via Harmony and Home 6 scanned from Australian Country Style 7 Country Living 8 scanned from Australian Better Homes and Gardens

I really love the classic, elegant look of plantation shutters. They look fantastic in almost any style of home.

In my first home I had a big bay of three tall arched windows in the front of my house and I had white plantation shutters custom made. They cost a bomb, but they were worth it! Then when I became newly single I bought a home of my own so I couldn't afford custom shutters. But I was determined to still have my shutters for my bedroom, which faces the street, so I bought them in kit form and sanded, painted and assembled them myself. That was hard work! Four years down the track I'm (almost) ready to go again - this time for my son's room and our study. Think I'll wait til the weather warms up so I can sand outside though....

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

PJ's giveaway

Images 1,2 & 4 Flickr 3 Terragalleria 4 the Guardian

I don't have a completely one track mind. Reading is one of my other passions. If you want to see my list of current favourites, check out my profile.

So I was pretty happy to hear my lovely blog friend PJ is having a giveaway - a $50 "e" gift certificate from Amazon.com

I know what I would buying with it!

PJ has posted a photo and to be entered in the drawing all you need to do is post a caption.

And while you are there stick around and read PJ's blog, Seens from the back of my eyelids, featuring her observations on life, beautiful quotes and photos and her home extension.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If I had a beach house....

Like so many people, I dream of a house by the sea. Nothing too fancy. Just a little cottage a hop skip and a jump from the sand.

There'd be a great big living room, with huge picture windows facing the sea. I'd like a couple of big comfy white couches, and a fireplace for those wintry, brisk nights by the sea.

It would have a little quiet corner, for reading a book.

I'd like a large, well equipped kitchen, but nothing too fancy.

A great big table so I could comfortably entertain lots of friends or family. A great spot for board games too!

I'd want a buffet neatly stacked with all the things you need for entertaining the troupes.

A spare but comfortable main bedroom, with a vintage bed and crisp ticking bedding. Somewhere to snuggle down while listening to the waves.

A fun dormitory for all the kids.

A simple, yet luxurious bathroom.

I'd make sure there'd be lots of little of life necessities around, like french olive oil soap and thick white fluffy towels.

In fact, I'd make sure there were lots of little thoughtful touches, including flowers and candles.

Shells, of course.

Little lighthouses.

More shells, and some old bottles.

It's nice to dream isn't it?

Hope you enjoyed sharing my dream.

Best wishes,