Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pared-back Paul

Paul Massey is a photographer based in London, who has a beautiful portfolio of work. His images often feature in gorgeous Brit magazine Living etc. I buy this magazine often, especially their famous annual 'white issue'.

Now Paul Massey's beautiful Victorian terrace home is featured in Living etc.

I adore the muted, restrained palette of Paul Massey's home: lashings of white, with soft browns and greys and a dash of black. Speaks of calm and sophistication to me.

A serial renovator, this is Paul Massey's tenth home he has brought to life by tearing down walls, adding french doors and bringing in lots of rustic, bespoke fixtures.

What was once a series of dark and pokey rooms is now bright, light and open-plan.

I love Paul's pared-back decorating style. It reminds me a lot of fellow Brit Atlanta Bartlett's style, just a touch more masculine and more minimal.

Paul and his daughter toured around Europe in a 60's VW campervan while the work was being done to bring the old place to life. They collected lots of beautiful curios along the way.

Paul's vignettes are spare, but beautiful and full of pieces with a lovely rustic patina.

Paul puts together his treasured, carefully collected pieces with a photographer's keen eye.

The home manages to be both spare and cosy at the same time. I could spend an hour or two lolling about on this couch with a good book and a hot chocolate.

If Paul Massey gets tired of photography, I think he should go into the decorating game! His house is simply stunning and inspiring.
If you would like a full tour of this delicous home, visit Living etc. To view Paul Massey's beautiful portfolio of work, go here.
Best wishes,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

East meets west

I love it when a beautiful Asian antique is added to a room. Like a dash of soy sauce, it adds that extra zing, an added dimension that makes a room unique and personal.

Whether that be an ancient buddha.......

A beautiful console re-purposed as a bathroom cabinet....

Or any of the diverse pieces of Asian antique furniture.....

.....I just love the drama that an Asian piece can bring to a room.

I especially love when Asian pieces are put into a room that has a predominately Scandinavian look or a French look.

I think the juxtaposition of Asian furniture against more European-style pieces can prevent a room from looking too 'themed' and makes it more individual.

I have a number of Asian pieces in my home, some of which I've posted about before, but I'll put them all together in a post soon.

Best wishes,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Excuse me while I jump up and down

Ok, slight deviation from theme here. But I'm so excited and I had to share it with you!

I've just found out that one of my favourite male actors - gorgeous Frenchman Guillaume Canet - is making an English-speaking movie! He stars alongside Keira Knightley and Australia's Sam Worthington in Last Night, the story of a married woman's temptation.

And who better to tempt her than the handsome Guillaume?

Oh I can't wait to hear him speak in English....I hope this movie comes to our shores soon.

Guillaume Canet, former husband of Diane Kruger, now partner of Oscar winner Marion Cottilard, is a big big star in France from what I understand. Wonder if this movie will make him a Hollywood star too?

Right, I'll calm down now.

Best wishes,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Warm me up now!

I'm a spring and summer kind of person. In autumn a melancholy feeling starts spreading over me, as I anticipate the many weeks of darkness and cold winds ahead. Then by the time winter truly hits, I'm usually grouchy, sometimes even downright depressed!

This year, in my part of the world, we seemed to have skipped autumn completely and jumped straight into winter. My whole system is in shock!

But still, winter has its advantages. My new mantra for winter will be 'focus on the positive'. So here's some nice things about winter which I do enjoy.

Hot chocolates........

Snuggly throw rugs in soothing colours with delicious textures......

The soft warm glow of candlelight while outside all is dark and cold.....

Knitting (except I forgot to learn - oops!)......

Snuggling up under doonas while the rain hammers down on the roof.......

And comfort food, like rib-sticking casseroles.....

I've been trawling through my photos, searching for rooms that have more of a winter feel than a summer feel, and you know, I struggled. I think that really does prove that I'm a summer person. This is the best I could come up with....

A couch layered with lots of snuggly cushions and throw rugs, with bare branches in a vase....

A gorgeous, if somewhat stark room, softened up by an exquisite fake fur rug to keep you warm....

A cosy room full of texture, with a magnificent fire place for a roaring fire...

A soft, muted room with a thick feet-friendly rug and curtains at the windows to keep the warmth in......

A chocolate couch and feature wall to heat things up and a large woolen rug to keep things warm underfoot......

And finally, a cosy nook, complete with knitting basket, roaring fire and slippers....heaven!

If you have any more tips for enjoying winter, please let me know!

Best wishes,

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today in Australia and New Zealand we stop and remember all the men and women of our countries who went to war. We remember their bravery, mateship and sacrifice.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to add warmth to your home...part two

Last month I wrote about my love of wood, and how it can add a feeling of warmth to your home.

Today I am posting about my next favourite materials for adding warmth to your home - cane, wicker, rattan, rush...all those wonderful materials that are woven into bags, baskets, chairs and more.

This picture below is one of my absolute favourite pictures. I probably say that too often, but this is definitely in my top ten. I'm loving the old fan (one day I will get one, I came 'this' close recently but was outbid), the old desk, the fabulous lamp but most of all I love the cuttlefish baskets on the wall with the lettering stamped across them. Text and texture - this makes me happy!

The colour of cane and wicker helps wins me over - ranging from soft barely-there sandy hues, to rich chocolate browns. All the different weaves catch my eye too.

These cane chairs below blend beautifully with the old wooden trestle table, but also add another element of touch-me-texture.

The deep browns of this cane lampshade blends in beautifully with the browns in the figurine, the metal fruitbowl and the picture frame. I don't think this was some happy accident, but the result of an artist's eye.

Love the baskets below, with their lovely little tags, and the collection of beach bags, casually stacked on top of this console.

More great baskets adding colour and texture, and blending and contrasting so beautifully with the wonderful warm hues of the wardrobe and the leather bags. Leather and woven materials are a classic combination.

Next up is a divine collection of hats, bags and fisherman's baskets, all in delicious honey shades. Look closely and you can also see the cutest little lamp, complete with leopard skin shade!

Take away the bags in the next image, and the image would be rather dull - but the texture of the bags and the differing weaves add contrast and interest to the vignette.

Here's some more basketry with text stamped on it - just so perfectly gorgeous....I want them! This could be a project to try one day....

I have recently bought a basket exactly like the one in the picture below. Just one more to the collection - I have woven butlers trays, a cane trunk, cane baskets on top of my kitchen cabinets...the list goes on!

Images 1 Unknown - from my style file 2 Tine K 3 Australian Home Beautiful 4 Australian Home Beautiful 5 Interiors (now defunct) 6 Notebook Magazine 7 Country Living 8 Toast via Absolutely Beautiful Things 9 Atlanta Bartlett 10 Australian Country Style 11 Dreamhouse

Best wishes,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tiny little drawers

On my regular trawls through antique shops and auctions, I keep my eye out for old books, perfume bottles, a little white cupboard that I can paint white and old signs. And if I came across one of these beauties, I would snap that up too!
Some of these were originally apothecary cabinets, but some of them I can only hazard a guess as to what their original purpose was - maybe they were used in a haberdashery store, or perhaps a cabinet maker's workshop for holding nails and screws. Today, I think I could put one to good use holding all my new-found crafty bits and bobs.
The one in the first image is my favourite. I just want reach into this photo and transfer this cabinet, and all the things artfully arranged on top, to my home office.
Best wishes,