Monday, July 6, 2009

Retail dreams

Like many people obsessed with homes and interior design, I often watch movies somewhat distracted by the beautiful homes and sets. Practical Magic was one of those movies for me - and I'm sure I'm not the only one who became entranced. The exterior of this home is a real Victorian beauty and I loved the romantic soft gardens.

But what really captured my imagination in this movie is Sally's botanical beauty shop - Verbena. When I first hired this movie on DVD I slo-mo'd through the scenes in the shop, just so I could get a better look.

I love the crisp, pure look of the shop and the green and white colour scheme. The set designers went to a lot of trouble to carry this theme through the whole shop - green bottles, green pears, green and white labels and even Sally is colour coordinated in her green and white outfit!

I adore so many elements in this image (below). The botanical prints on the wall, the charming built in shelves, the neatness and orderliness of the jars and bottles, the ladder (the ladder!), the silver cup handles on the drawers, and the rustic wooden bowl holding the pears - I just love it all.

You can only see a glimpse of it here, below, but I love the antique set of scales, and also the tongue and groove panelling on the back of the built in units.

Look at all these gorgeous bottles!

I love the light, airiness of the shop.

All images from amas veritas

I often dream of owning a shop, and in my mind it looks something like Verbena (but it would be a homewares shop). The clean, fresh look of Verbena would be my inspiration. But in reality, I'm too fearful of giving up my regular-paying day job, especially when I have no experience and I know that owning any business is incredibly hard work. But still, it's a little dream I have, and I love to dream.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,


Marcy said...


You have a great eye! I would love to shop in a housewares shop that had your style and that look - what a great combination. I only hope that you locate it in the US so that I could visit it often!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Practical Magic was one of the best eye candy movies ever. Country Living or some magazine did a spread on the house they used. It was just Magical!

CrowNology said...

Hi Catherine,
A lovely dream. Perhaps when you retire? My father has a huge garden (his passion) now that he'd never have had the time for while working. Perhaps with retirement you'll have the freedom (financially and in your mind) to pursue a long held dream. You absolutely have the eye and talent to offer beautiful and unique home-things to people.
Keep giving us visual home-things/inspiration in the meantime.

ness lockyer said...

ahh yes the shop!!! That was some inspiration for my shelving in M& will happen! I will have to go watch that again now.
BTW- your trip looks divine.
Ness xx

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

this shop is absolutely dreamy! white shelves and green everywhere... so lovely! hope you have a wonderful week! xo

Blue Muse said...

I laughed outloud about the slo-mo -- I did the same thing! This shop is so dreamy, so perfect - I have it for inspirational photos for a corner of my shop-to-be!
Catherine, jump in and do it! We're embarking on a shoppe right now, ourselves! You would be a natural, and besides, we'd all have somewhere to shop! (do it do it do it do it! hehe)
xo Isa

Monica said...

This movie was on TV a couple of days ago. While I was watching it, I was thinking the same thing. What a great looking shop. It was just so light and airy, it welcomed you in.

Melissa said...

Oh my, its beautiful! Like you I often slow-mo through movies and even commercials just to check out the decor. :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

An inspirational movie for interior designers everywhere!! I adored the kitchen in that movie!! Pure heaven.

pgmaxtwo said...

I also loved this set and found this link in case you've not seen it. They have lots of stills and plans from the movie.
Thanks for your lovely blog, Pamela

my favorite and my best said...

it is crazy how much you and i are alike in these things. i have been a huge fan of this movie too for a long time now. and the shop is my favorite part. oh and the conservatory in the house. which, btw was never a real house. they built it from the ground up and it is a shell, no interior. all the interiors were shot on a soundstage.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Catherine,

That is such a beautiful shop and love the way it is so inviting.
The green and white is lovely even down to her Lily of the Valley print dress.

What a lovely dream and I hope that one day it will come true for you.


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I have not seen the movie, but now I have too...I loved the photos you shared. I plan to do my guest room in green, white, and tones of cream. And loved the laddar too. I just helped my daughter design one for her new home, 18 ft. ceilings with bookcases up high and a LADDER! Can't you just die, I would be so jealous if she were not my

Struggler said...

I haven't seen it either - it's going in the Netflix queue right this minute!

Millie said...

It's absolutely right to dream Catherine! I can see you in something like Le Room on Sempahore Rd. or BBD in Balhannah. But just make sure you hire in help to do the evil Qrtly. BAS - MOTH & I have the Divorce Lawyers on stand-by each time I have to do his!
Millie ^_^

Michelle@Sweet Something said...

Ahh, I had forgotten about that movie! It is a really great inspiration! I hope owning your own shop can become a reality, I have had the same dream for a long time (24ish) hasn't become a reality yet...but I'm still on the path!

viera said...

oh Carherine,
where have I been? Have not see the movie. Looks fabulous.

..and also your trip. Fantastic.

Catherine Shields said...

Thanks for reminding me to get this DVD out. I am doing the garden of my turn-of-the century weatherboard in a similar theme. And... how great is that shop?
Catherine at In My House

Brabourne Farm said...

Heavenly shop and house - how wonderful it must be to work on the sets of some of these movies creating all these beautiful locations. Now there's a dream! Leigh

My name is PJ. said...

I enjoyed that movie; the shop was lovely - fresh. I am continually distracted from the plots/dialog of movies by architecture and decor. My family laughs at me. I watch good movies 2 and 3 times before I actually see the movie and not the sets!

River said...

Practical Magic is my most favourite movie ever. I love Sally's shop, as you do, but for me the movie is all about the house. The kitchen! And that greenhouse just off the kitchen! (I've always wanted a kitchen with an attached greenhouse. With a door leading to the vegetable patch outside, with a path leading on to the orchard.)The rest of the house is also so perfect. The wide porches, the attic rooms, that staircase. Did I mention the greenhouse? Especially the table and shelves where the jars of herbs etc were mixed and stored. Of course the balconies and gardens are often in my mind as well.

River said...

@Joan@anythinggoeshere; Country Living did a spread on the house? oh, please tell me which issue it was. I have to track it down. Was it the Australian magazine? (Does America have a Country Living magazine too?)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Catherine. What a wonderful post and a wonderful dream! Everything about that movie is special. It does take you away to another world. I do love that house. Not to mention the scenery, the story and all the fabulous actors in the movie. And yes that shop is devine with the touches of green just so fresh. Take care and keep your dreams alive. Julie

Gena said...

Oh my goodness I'll have tosee the movei again just to see the scenes again! Can't recall this beauty