Sunday, June 7, 2009

tagged....six uninteresting things I love

I don't normally blog on a weekend, but I'm unwell and the little man is at his dad's house, so I'm putting this little bit of quiet time to good use.

I've been tagged by three of my favourite bloggers - I read their blogs regularly. There was Lee from Glimpse of Style, Julie from Being Ruby and Alice from Searching for Style . If you haven't read their blogs yet, please go visit, as they have lots of beautiful images and great posts.

Ok, what you do is list six uninteresting things that you love. Hmmm...whether something is interesting or uninteresting is such a subjective thing. So I decided to interpret 'uninteresting' to be the things that are common and every day things....the little moments in life, if you will.

So here goes.

1. DreamsWhen I'm asleep, I have the most amazing dreams - full of colour, detail, symbolism, drama and emotion. I love waking up and going over in my head what happened, and wondering what it all means.

Last night I dreamt that I was in the grounds of a university and a man in an electric wheelchair trundled past me, before he came to an abrupt halt. I went up to him to find out if he was ok. He had an electrical cord attached to his wheelchair, and it was plugged in to the side of the pathway but it had reached the end of it's length and he could go no further. I offered to plug it in to the next powerpoint (don't you love how anything is possible in your dreams?), so I spent a good part of the dream running along the path, finding the powerpoint and then the next, and the next, as he made his way up the path. Hmmm...interesting to no-one but myself I'm sure!

2. Order

Banal as it is, I love order.....I take pleasure in my linen cupboard - sheets and towels all lined up in a row and neatly folded. I have a seriously organised workstation at work. I keep my books alphabetised. My Tupperware cupboard is a joy to behold. Order is where organisation meets beauty. Don't get me wrong - I don't have OCD and my house can get into a pickle as much as the next person, but I really do love it when it is neat, orderly and running like a well oiled machine.

3. Afternoon break
On the weekend I love curling up on my couch of an afternoon with a cup of hot Milo and a shortbread biscuit (or two). I look out my windows and watch the birds flit about and the clouds floating by and observe the change of season.

4. Watching my son sleep

During the day my son is a hive of activity and a seething mass of emotions - both good and bad. But at night he is at peace. I love to watch him sleeping - his long eyelashes gently rest on the soft curve of his cheek, and I listen to his breathing, deep and even.

5. Saturday mornings

I love waking up on Saturday morning, knowing that I have the whole weekend ahead of me.

6. Scents

Good smells are a small pleasure in life, but a wonderful one nonetheless. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.... onions frying on a barbecue.... my son's just washed hair..... a roast dinner cooking in the oven......jumpers washed in chips with vinegar.....rain on a summer's day after a long dry spell...... scented candles.

So there you have it - my six unintersesting things I love. I enjoyed writing this, as it helped me appreciate all the good things in my life.

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake...” Marie Beyon Ray

Now the thing is I'm supposed to tag a further six other people. But this where I fall down. So many of the people I would have tagged have already been tagged, and I always get concerned that I'm going to tag someone who doesn't want to be tagged (actually I've noticed a few blogs have now put up 'tag free' signs on their blog).

So I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to join in the fun, please do and let me know!

While I'm in my sickbed I've also taken the time to update my blog titles and dates - something I've been wanting to do for ages. I found out how to do this on Kevin and Amanda's site, click here for the tutorial. Thank you, clever Amanda, for being so generous with your knowledge. I love bloggers!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Best wishes,


♥Aubrey said...

Great uninteresting things :)
Can you tell me how you updated your wonderful text styles into your titles? It is amazing and i want to do the same if you don't ming. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Surreal Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better. It tugged at my emotions looking at number 4 your young son asleep. My girls are adults themselves now but my memories are fond of them as children. Like you I would always watch them whilst they were sleeping and it would always bring a tear to my eye as I was overwhelmed wth my love for them. I remember writing this short poem when they were so small.
My little girls are lovely
They often make me cry
I'll love them dearly
With all my heart
Until the day I die.
Enjoy your son, cherish every moment as the years fly by so quickly, he will be an adult before you know it. Regards Sue

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Catherine. I love your 6 things. #4 is enchanting and 'sweetness' itself - lovely pics for you to treasure. The image in #1 took my breath away! I'm a vivid dreamer also and a Full Moon lover! Thanks for playing along. Like you, I wasn't sure whether to tag ppl but am also home sick so i welcomed the distraction. Hope you feel better soon. Take Care: Julie

vicki archer said...

Such lovely things Catherine and they are much the same things as I would say that I love to do...xv

viera said...

Hope you will feel much better soon.
I totally enjoyed reading about your "things"

CrowNology said...

Hi Catherine,
I really enjoyed your "uninteresting" post. I think a lot of what you spoke of deserves comments but...
The largest bunny I've ever seen!
A very interesting dream. Mine are so vivid too...
I love the look of your blog more every time I 'come over' to comment.
Hope you are feeling well soon.

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Hey there - I hope you're doing ok. It sounds like you had a really tough week...and then being sick on top of it?! I'm so sorry, I'd bring you chicken noodle soup or shortbread cookies if I could.

I love your list. I can relate to many of those things. And thanks for the tip on how to do a few blog updates. I'll have to check that out. Take care - xo

aura said...

I love your six things, they're all so sweet. Those sheets are so pretty! They made me want to run out and buy new bedding.

My name is PJ. said...

Sheesh! I was reading your lovely post and decided to jump quickly over to Kevinandamanda...and I spent more than an hour there! Almost forgot to come back and leave a comment! Your dream represents you and hustling along, trying to make the way smooth for him. I actually did dream analysis with a therapist for a time. So, I'm not pulling your leg. It was a positive dream...a clear metaphor.

Terri said...

Oh, I love all those things too (except watching your son sleep - I am not a stalker really - but watching children sleep is rather lovely I agree - they are so perfect).

Feel better - do you have the flu? Poor girl! xo Terri

ness lockyer said...

Lovely things Catherine. I hope you are looking after yourself and taking it very easy while you have some time to. Feel better soon.
Ness xx

Lauren said...

hope you're feeling better!!! your deam is really interesting. i'm a crazy sreamer too & o SP am with yhou on watching my son sleep. great "unintersting things!!


alice said...

Catherine these are lovely "uninteresting" things!
So fun to learn a little more about you :)

Millie said...

I knew this would be a beautiful post & I WAS RIGHT! Just loved your choices Catherine. I'm worried though, 'cos I rarely dream. However MOTH dreams for himself & everyone else! I've never known someone to have such nocturnal experiences. He always dreams he's underwater, left over from his pro-diving days I suppose.
Millie ^_^

red ticking said...

i was tagged as well... how can i possibly top this? brilliant post. have a great week... your babe is beyond adorable.... love the red hair... my older brother (now 47) looked alot like him... just love it...

T. said...

Hi - just stumbled upon your blog after someone tagged me too. What a lovely post! I can stare at my sleeping son indefinitely...