Thursday, April 16, 2009

Storage solutions for bits and bobs

If you've read my blog before you might know I've been taking little baby steps into the world of crafting. And I've loved every minute of it so far, and I have a few more ideas bubbling up to the surface.

The only dilemma is what do I do with all the 'bits and bobs' that I've accumulated along the way? You know the deal - all the different craft papers, stamps, stickers and other ephemera associated with 'crafty stuff' that you might just need for later.

So lately, I've been saving lots of great ideas for storing all these bits and bobs, and today I'm sharing them with you.

I love the tins up above, with their gorgeous labels. I'm thinking of buying some 'stuff' simply as an excuse to buy some tins like these! I'd attempt to make some labels that look as gorgeous as these. I'm thinking these little tins would be great for buttons, small stamps, paper clips, brads...anything small really.

Love the organised, colour coordinated look of the storage solution below.

I love tiny little sets of drawers, like these.

Love this little blue number, adorable!

You can never enough boxes, especially if they have such pretty labels like these below

These cute-as-a-button round tags turn these plain white storage boxes into something special. I've been really tempted to buy a round tag-maker, but I can't justify the expense unless I tag every single thing in my home!

Here are more round tags, this time identifying magazine holders (holding paper by the looks of it, in this case).

Sweet storage jars...pretty and practical!

I love this little vintage mail sorter. Could I keep everything so beautifully organised and colour coordinated? Probably not, but I'd have fun trying! And look, more tins.

Here's a nifty idea - a vintage folded ruler used as a business card holder.

Here's an old toolbox that has been whitewashed and repurposed for stationery storage. I love seeing new life breathed into old things.

Pretty sure these little hanging buckets are from Ikea.

This image appeals to the orderly, OCD side of me!

I think these little wire baskets would look great holding string, red and white striped twine, or ribbons.

So with all these ideas, my study should be perfectly organised now....right? Not exactly, but I'm getting there.
Changing the subject, I would just like to say a big big heartfelt thank you to all the beautiful kind souls who left me such encouraging and supportive messages for me on my previous post. The comments made my heart sing and my eyes well with tears. Thank you so much.
Best wishes,


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Now if I only had a giftcard to Ikea or elsewhere so I could get organized! I love so many of those ideas - thank you!

Leigh said...

What a gorgeous collection of storage ideas - simple, everyday things that look so lovely as well as being so useful.

Ann said...

I just adore those labels. I'm also into doing such stuff especially for my child's things. And yes, those tin cans are so I just have to find an excuse to buy some.:)

Lee said...

All beautiful & stylish storage ideas, but my favourite would have to be that gorgeous old set of blue drawers. Oh how I'd love to have that sitting on my desk! Lee :)

Nadine @ BDG said...

Your small drawer images reminded me of my grandfather's workshop-- he tied a sample screw, nail, bolt, etc to the outside of each steel drawer. If only I inherited that organizational gene. Best, Nadine

Sarah Arkanoff said...

I really love the glass jars with yarn and ribbon in them. They are simple and beautiful! ♥

alice said...

these are wonderful and beautiful storage ideas!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love the wire baskets! Actually this whole post makes me giddy. I also love all the labels.

Blair said...

What a great post Catherine. I am definitley in need of some spring cleaning/organizing and these ideas are definitley getting me motivated!

Solange said...

OH....I get a organizing frenzy when I read and watch your post...!
so gorgeous and beautiful all those storage solutions.
I especially love the little storage ways, cute and handy.
wish you a wonderful weekend friend!

Rachel said...

Organization makes me so happy! These are all wonderful ideas.

My name is PJ. said...

Organization and storage are really my thing; I seriously feel my pulse quicken when I read a post like yours today. It's a sickness. :) I actually feel like cleaning something! Loved every single picture...but those wire/net containers hanging from the hooks? I've never seen those before. I like them very much!

Millie said...

More ammo for that Crafty Weekend Workshop away with Ms Fiona T! I'm sure we could finish at least one project in between all the Champers & fun!
Millie ^_^

lady T said...

Hi! I've linked to your blog on my latest post which is all about fabulous fellow Adelaidian blogs.

I hope you don't mind.Just let me know if you want it taken down.

Keep up the great blogging. Tara x

Style is Eternal

River said...

Oh my gosh! The whitewashed toolbox/stationery sorter. It's exactly what I never knew I always wanted. I HAVE to go hunting around the local secondhand stores now....

Sabina said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely storage ideas! They all look very beautiful and practical at the same time!

Emily said...

What a fabulous collection of little organizational methods! They are all beautiful! I especially love the little cups and baskets that hang on the wall. -e

ed said...