Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pared-back Paul

Paul Massey is a photographer based in London, who has a beautiful portfolio of work. His images often feature in gorgeous Brit magazine Living etc. I buy this magazine often, especially their famous annual 'white issue'.

Now Paul Massey's beautiful Victorian terrace home is featured in Living etc.

I adore the muted, restrained palette of Paul Massey's home: lashings of white, with soft browns and greys and a dash of black. Speaks of calm and sophistication to me.

A serial renovator, this is Paul Massey's tenth home he has brought to life by tearing down walls, adding french doors and bringing in lots of rustic, bespoke fixtures.

What was once a series of dark and pokey rooms is now bright, light and open-plan.

I love Paul's pared-back decorating style. It reminds me a lot of fellow Brit Atlanta Bartlett's style, just a touch more masculine and more minimal.

Paul and his daughter toured around Europe in a 60's VW campervan while the work was being done to bring the old place to life. They collected lots of beautiful curios along the way.

Paul's vignettes are spare, but beautiful and full of pieces with a lovely rustic patina.

Paul puts together his treasured, carefully collected pieces with a photographer's keen eye.

The home manages to be both spare and cosy at the same time. I could spend an hour or two lolling about on this couch with a good book and a hot chocolate.

If Paul Massey gets tired of photography, I think he should go into the decorating game! His house is simply stunning and inspiring.
If you would like a full tour of this delicous home, visit Living etc. To view Paul Massey's beautiful portfolio of work, go here.
Best wishes,


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I love his work ! I could move right in. Thanks for sharing.

Lee said...

I love Paul Massey's photography, and now I love Paul's home too. He has an amazing sense of style. Thanks for the heads up on this wonderful home. Lee :)

Leigh said...

As you say, not only a brilliant photographer but a wonderful interior designer as well. Gorgeous house - love his collection of beautiful and interesting treasures.


aura said...

Oh I love his kitchen and fireplace....especially the fireplace.

sealaura said...

i like the little drops of taupe here and there. I think taupe might be one of my fave colors.

Lauren said...

Catherine- thank you so much for sending me on to this one!! :) You brightened my day & YES I love it & you're right, he's totally a male Atlanta Bartlett style-wise!!

I do love how its so spare yet feels so cozy & inviting. have been missing you & all these beautiful posts & have a lot of catching up to do!!!

ps- will be moving this weekend & next week but please pass any more posts on!!

my favorite and my best said...


Alison Gibbs said...

Wow what a fantastic home and great photography

My name is PJ. said...

Love the zen feel of the muted tones and how he injects texture to keep it warm.

OLIVEAUX said...

His work is gorgeous - I love that kitchen. Amanda x

Claire Jackson said...

Divine, I love his house, white, natural, simple & oh so stylish...another fabulous post to enjoy, thanks! Claire

Terri said...

Thanks Catherine - I love his style and will check out his photography. I wholly agree that he could be a decorator! xo Terri

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Catherine,

I love all the white, looks so elegant and simple.
I also like the old shutters.

Thanks for sharing and I hope that you enjoy your weekend


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Fabulous home. The sofa is my idea of perfect in colour and style. Thanks for another great post!

alice said...

These are so refreshing and pretty!

citysage said...

Wow wow wow! Of course I'm a longtime fan of his photos, and is it any wonder that his house is absolutely stunning too? That kitchen is definitely going in the inspiration files for my own apartment fix-ups!

ness lockyer said...

His photos are lovely and his home is beautiful. I agree it does remind me of Atlantas home. Great post Catherine. I have missed commenting. I think I have caught the gremlin in my computer!
Ness xx

ed said...

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