Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is where I dream


I’ve posted photos of my bedroom before, but now that we’ve come to know each other a little better, I thought I would give you a full tour.

Let’s start with the bed. My bedding is white as you can so clearly see!  The cover is thick matelasse cotton with paisley floral design – a lovely raised pattern - but you can’t really see it in the photos.  I think when you have light colour a bit of texture adds some interest. I like the white bedding because it is restful and calm and makes the room look open and airy. You can also have fun switching the cushions and throws around when you have a white base. I’ve got a black bedskirt, to give the bed a bit of ‘weight’.

I have no artwork in my bedroom, or a headboard, but I do have an antique Asian screen above my bed. I totally love it. It was not cheap, but I asked my family to give me money one year for my birthday, so it went towards this.


I picked up my bedside tables very cheaply, and painted them and put new handles on them myself. What I love about these bedside tables is how much stuff they hide away – they’re full of books, magazines, body lotion, my diary. I like things tucked away, so my room can have a ‘zen’ like quality! I think lots of furniture with storage is the key to a clutter-free zone.

The lamps are cheapies picked up at Freedom, and they have brown textured ‘eelskin’ shades. I use these instead of the overhead light, so at night the room is bathed in a soft glow.

I keep photos of my loved ones nearby – on one side I have my two favourite males – my son and my late dad. Mum and my son are on the other side. My tiny clock radio hides behind dad and my son because I like to keep those types of things tucked away too.

In the photo below you can see shots of my son, with his cousin.

As you can see I like candles in my room, for that bit of romance!  Not that any of that happens in here, but they say ‘if you build it, they will come’. Just one would be nice!


Moving along, here’s my mirror again, below. It bounces lots of light around the room. I bought the dark brown pot from Sydney years ago, and I throw my keys in here so I always know where they are!


Now over to my chest of drawers, below, which I’ve had since I was a teenager living at home with mum and dad. It used to be stained and have big clunky round wooden drawer pulls.  In my early twenties I gave it a white paint finish and replaced the drawer pulls with some Asian-inspired black ones. I still like it, so it has stayed with me all these years. My ever-changing stash of magazines is kept in the rush basket.


A close up shot is below so you can see the paint finish in greater detail.


Below is a collection of shells and candles in a wooden bowl that I picked up in Sydney. Up until a few years ago, Adelaide had no decent homeware shops whatsoever (even now we only have a sprinkling) so whenever I went away I’d always make time to go to some great shops and pick up one or two things.

The antique Asian table I picked up for a song here in Adelaide.  It fits the spot perfectly.  I love old Asian furniture, and I think this piece adds to the ‘zen’ feel I was trying to create.

Now I don’t know if this is true in other countries, but here in Australia plantation shutters are prohibitively expensive. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me! I bought my shutters in a kit form, made to measure, from here. I then sanded, painted and assembled them myself. It took me ages, I swore a lot, I turned up to work with paint splatters on my hands, but it was so so worth it in the end. I’d like more shutters in my house but have yet to work myself up to the idea of all that painstaking sanding and painting again! Although I’d probably be less of a perfectionist this time, because seriously no one gets up that close. The shutters do a great job of hiding my hideous aluminium windows.  You can’t see it obviously, but one blade has a teeny tiny set of teeth marks embedded in it, where my son decided to test out how tasty they were when he was  three!


I’d love a chandelier for my bedroom, some more mercury candlesticks, antique perfume bottles and perhaps a romantic little chair tucked away in the corner of the room. 

A chandelier like this….

elle decor


Antique perfume bottles like these….

 antique perfume bottles better homes and gardens

A chair like this…

chairs bhg1


So there you have it, the place where I dream. It is my little haven. My house faces a park, full of gum trees, so when I wake up in the morning I listen to the parrots and other birds warbling away. There is no tv in my bedroom, and I never take my laptop in there. I do some writing and reading and lots of sleeping, of course. It’s my favourite room in my house. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Best wishes,


ESRADAN said...

Have a nice day

Amanda said...

Catherine, thanks for sharing your beautiful room with us. It must be heavenly dozing off in such a pretty space. I'm so jealous of the shutters!

Amanda x

mondo cherry said...

You have created a really beautiful and peaceful room, I love all the clever painting and things you have done. The plantation shutters are an inspired addition.
Clare x

Velvet and Linen said...

There is nothing more beautiful to me than an all white bed. I love how you used the asian screen above your bed instead of a headboard. It looks perfect there. Your bedroom is such a calm place to relax.
Thank you for sharing it with us.


Danielle said...

Loving your blog and drop in often. Your room looks so relaxing and that mirror is gorgeous.x

Millie said...

A truly Zen bedroom Catherine - I felt so relaxed after reading your post. I adore the plantation shutters, you've done a brilliant job. Remember where I found MOTH - in the most unexpected place! And just think gorgeous girl, when he does come along, he'll have to get the Simply Natural Fan Club's tick of approval.
Millie ^_^

viera said...

Catherine you have created such calm and relaxing room. Love the shutters and screen is just perfect.
Thanks for sharing.

Kath Lockett said...

You really have made a gorgeous get away and I didn't know that you 'did' the chest of drawers - they look fantastic!

River said...

A beautiful room. I love the silvery gray cushion covers. Are they silk? They look like silk.

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Hi River! Thanks for stopping by...
The cushions are actually velvet. I got them from Bed, Bath and Table.

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Oh I love it! It's so calm and fresh!

Lee said...

Catherine, what a beautiful and serene sanctuary your bedroom is! Thank you for the lovely tour.

IRENE said...

you absolutely must have a chandelier in your bathroom. I have a rather affordable one from Ikea, that I love. It's the only room in my house with a chandelier, and I wouldn't have it anywhere else!
I really enjoyed stoping by!

ness lockyer said...

It is gorgeous Catherine. I love your mirror...perfect.
Ness xx

Alison Gibbs said...

Your room has such a peaceful look to it. Great work on those shutters

the7daggetts said...

Very pretty! I love those handles on your dresser. I want some of those!

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

I LOVE this post! There's so much great inspiration in there for me. I love your white dresser with the black pulls, the mercury candlesticks, the photos, etc., etc. It's all very soft, tranquil, and personal.

And, I totally with you on the "If you build it" statement. I think I need to get myself some candles ;).

alice said...

Your bedroom is so serene!
I am ancy to do a bedroom re-do and this post captured so many of the ideas I love!

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Thank you so much, Catherine, for sharing your beautiful room with us! I love it!
I have a white bed too and love to switch the cushions every now and then.

Marie said...

Catherine, thanks so much for giving us a tour of your boudoir ;) Really, really enjoyed it. Luv all the pieces in there especially the asian screen over the bed and the photos of your son(s)? The shutters are perfect, and you have the talent at re-vamping those furniture pieces. I soooo enjoy reading your blog everyday!

PJ said...

Your room is airy and welcoming. I can feel the ocean breeze when I look at the photos. Cudos.

Lauren said...

Catherine- it's so peaceful!!!! And when you said at the end how your room faces a park ful of gum trees & you can hear the birds.. it just sound slike absolute heaven!! The planation shutters are perfect & I (of course!) love all the white & natural touches!!! so perfect... and you had me cracking up at :if you build it, they will come." too funny!!

anyway, i totally love what you've created & can just picture your wishlist items fitting in perfectly. love your style


A-M said...

What a haven Catherine. You have such a natural ability to inject calm in every room of your home. Thank you for sharing your sanctum! A-M xx

Romana said...

gorgeous room Catherine! I wouldn't want to put a tv in there either, it is too peaceful :)

citysage said...

What an amazing retreat you've created for yourself! I love seeing your window screen in action above the bed. such a fabulous use for a gorgeous objet d'art!

sigh...i want to curl up with a good book just LOOKING at these pictures!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the tour. Your room is very tranquil. I am striving for the same. No television or anything like that. Just very comfortable bedding and a cushy mattress. Romantic lighting, so I can read or course before I go to bed and a place to put my clothes. Have a great weekend. Love ya, Heidi

tinkalicious said...

love your house!

Chrissy said...

Wonderful post, and space I would never leave the bedroom!!!

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

I love your room.....sigh....lovely !!!! thanks for sharing.

Draffin Bears said...

You have a truly beautiful, peaceful bedroom Catherine.

I have the same Matelasse bedcover and aren't they lovely to just put in the washing machine and they wash up so beautifully.

I love all your family photos, candles and your mirror.
Well done for making your plantation shutters - they are neat.

Thanks for giving us a tour of your beautiful bedroom.

Have a great week.

Blair said...

Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful!