Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I’m hooked

I keep seeing pretty pictures of things on hooks, and I thought I would share them with you. I need to find a way to incorporate something hanging on hooks in my house, I’m thinking in my study perhaps.

baskets ville-kulla

beach baskets toast via absolutely beautiful things

coat hooks marie delice

country living via la maison sur la colline

hallway skona hem

winter woolies morten holtum

wire baskets jeannedarcliving dk


notebook magazine

hang up country home

study organisation country home


Images 1 Ville Kulla 2 via Absolutely Beautiful Things 3 Marie Delice 4 Country Living via La Maison Sur La Colline 5 Skona Hem 6 Morten Holtum 7 Jeanne D’Arc Living 8 Australian Home Beautiful 9 Notebook Magazine 10 & 11 Country Home

On a personal note, I got a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to me today from all the people I work with. I’ve spent the day at home because my son is suspended from school – the second time in two weeks. I work with a lovely bunch of caring people who know that I have to drop everything when my son is in trouble, and they accommodate me and support me no end. I’m usually pretty stoic about dealing with it all, but they know I’m having a hard time of it at the moment because I’m so worried about my child and I’m trying to juggle his needs with a very busy job. I’m very lucky that I work with such great people!

Best wishes,


vicki archer said...

Keep up your spirit Catherine all will be well with your son - parenting is the hardest job of all. xv

finominal said...

Lovely images as always, and plenty of wonderful ideas. So sorry to hear you have had yet another rough time babe...it's just not fair. Will keep my fingers crossed that things improve for both of you soon xxx

Chrissy said...

Oh great now you have me "hooked" those shots are so inspirational aren't they?? I am going to Urban Barn today, maybe they will have hooks....how sweet of your workmates to do that, you are very lucky!! Hope all is well, Chrissy

Claire said...

These are very inspiring images! On a more personal note -- Hang in there...it's all part of the parenting challenge.

Marie said...

Being a parent is always a challenge! My only child is already 22 and she still challenges me everyday...so hang in there...you'll get through it! Luv the hooks, very practical...all of them :)

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Loving those hooks, darling!
Parenting is such a hard challenge, dear! But love and being there when they need you is the best recipe! Best wishes,

Alison Gibbs said...

Catherine so many fabulous 'hook' ideas.
Oh I remember those days so well. Boys and school suspensions. Sometimes they are just 'feeling their way in the world'. Never fear you are doing the right thing by being home with him. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Both my boys went through this and you think 'oh dear is it my fault?' but it's not. Next week one of my boys is being awarded Apprentice of the Year - Horticulture and my other son is also successsful in his chosen career. So keep your head and smile through it all.

A-M said...

Oh Catherine, I feel for you. You have so many people caring for you so draw on that support to give you the strength to deal with your little man. Love your images... your blog is such a breath of fresh air. A-M xx

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

All of these beautiful images that you have posted can take you away from reality, even if just briefly!

Rachel Mallon said...

So much lovely inspiration!

Lauren said...

Catherine- huge hug to you & your son. That was so sweet of your coworkers.

I'm LOVING all of these images of hooked things!! I'm a huge fan of hooks in the bathroom because then you don't have to fix the towels!!! (great for kids & people like me!!)

LOVE that image of all the towels lines up with name on them!!

Maria Killam said...

That reminds me, I need to re-install some hooks that came crashing down in my mud-room! Great images you found!

Kath Lockett said...

Those work mates of yours are brilliant for recognising what a wonderful person you are in ALL aspects of your life. My thoughts are with you xo

ness lockyer said...

I love your hook inspiration...and the fact you are hooked on your Son. I think that it is lovely that your work is so supportive of your needs. Hope all is well soon.
Ness xx
PS- your a great Mum!

Draffin Bears said...

Love all those images Catherine, . I love those nametag hooks.

So sorry to hear that you are having a rough time and sending hugs and strength to get through this.
Parenting is one of the hardest jobs and I wish you well.
Our Son was a live wire and full of life and they do grow up - he is now 17.


Nicole said...

Catherine, every one of these settings are simply gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear about your challenge at home, hang in there.

ed said...

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