Tuesday, March 3, 2009

But then again….

sia-homefashion.com black couch 

I know, I know, yesterday I posted about the wonders of white slip covered couches.  But if I had a formal living room, I wouldn’t mind one of these dark lovelies, either above and below.

Love the modern take on the chesterfield above.


real living

And the curves of this formal beauty above are delicious. So dramatic and elegant.

But then again, I’m not sure how practical a dark couch would be.  They’d fade quickly, and show up every bit of fluff. That would bother me no end!

So maybe this couch is a goer instead. From uber blogger Cote de Texas.  Sleek, sexy lines and a neutral colour so you can still change the cushions at whim. I adore the classic lines of this couch and the ‘karate chopped’ cheetah cushion is kind of cute. I’ve never seen so many karate chopped cushions since I started blogging!

velvet couch - cote de texas

1 Sia home fashion 2 Notebook 3 Cote de Texas

Best wishes,


ness lockyer said...

I agree from experience - dark couches show all kinds of fluff...not good if you are anal like me.
Ness xx

mondo cherry said...

I would love a set of linen covers for my white sofas to have the option of changing, especially for winter. I would love to steal both the lamp and the pendant light in the top photo!

Queen B. said...

** How do you like the book you're reading? Widow of the South ? It's on my 'book list' for 09. Should I read it ????

Lee and Beth said...

I've had dark coaches for a few years, and I am getting tired of them. They hide the dirt really well, which is good, but it is also a bad thing in that, you can't see the grunge, and I know that they are really nasty! Last spring, we rented a carpet steamer, and we also did all the upholstery, and you wouldn't believe just how muddy the water was. Gross! That said, I am super worried about getting white slips, since I have had white throw pillows on my sofa, and they are covered in stains that I can't get removed. So, I sort of have the dilemma of do I use dark grungy sofas or light sofas with stains. I'm now thinking that I will do a medium tone grey slipcovered sofa. I would love to do white, but I think grey is the next best thing. Oh, any ideas for removing stains from your white slipcovers? Cause yours are beautiful. And you just might convince me. :)

Blair said...

So many decisions and things to consider. I had a slip covered white couch for years and loved it until I got 2 black dogs! I think the neutrals are the most practical and that pale gray one looks lovely!

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

I think I might stay with my white cover... although black is so elegant! Oh, no! maybe I'll have both?

Solange said...

oh, love the third picture, I am not much for black but must admit that the top picture is very nice. black can be beautiful in a white room I think. maybe we'll always be torn up between different decorating styles, don't you think? hahaa....we are never finished... :)

have a great day,

vicki archer said...

I am just like you Catherine, jumping from one thing I love to another. I guess it is all about variety, xv.

Marie said...

I like the last photo, much more feminine, more like me ;)

P.S. I really want to see the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" also. Maybe this weekend.

A-M said...

I learnt about dark couches when I was at the 'cloth nappy for burping' stage of my life. I got so sick of brushing off nappy fluff from my couches that I got rid of the couches. No nappies now so maybe they'd work. Can't go past a beautiful neutral sofa though. I have an upholsterer creating some beautiful neutral couches for me now.
A-M xx

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

I am in love with that couch in the second picture!! do they seriously have it outside! I would have plastic on it to save every detail. :)

Heidi said...

I am in love with number 2 and 3. I have the perfect place for number 2 in my dining room. Thanks for the inspiration. Heidi

Lee said...

Hi Catherine, I once had cream couches which didn't have removable/washable slip covers. I loved them, but boy did they end up getting grubby. Eventually I got slip covers made in a muted blue colour, and then after a few years (when I'd saved enough money) I bought myself a brown, Moran 4 seater leather couch. Extremely practical, but perhaps a little boring! I think you've made the right choice with your couch/covers - it looks gorgeous!

Also, just wanted to thank you for your kind, thoughtful message regarding the passing of my dog, Biko. Lee x

Kristie said...

Hi Catherine! I just found your blog and I wanted to tell you how inspired I am. I we seem to share the same taste :)
I adore that couch in the second photo....mmmmmm! However, I live in a share house with 3 guys, so that's not going to happen any time soon. At least my room is a lovely feminine, light & airy retreat from boy mess :)
Thanks for sharing so many great inspirational photos...many of them will be going straight into the *one day* file!

Lauren said...

hahah i never noticed the karate chopped cushions!!!

ed said...

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