Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's go shopping

Internet shopping with international shipping is fantastic - you get to shop from places you wouldn't ordinarily get to shop at. But wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to hop on a plane and head off to a fantastic destination for a spot of shopping - in the flesh? My place of choice (today, anyway) would be the Hamptons.

Besides the shopping, there'd be the Hamptons architecture to admire, beautiful gardens, lovely beaches, great restaurants. But the main event would be the shopping! Particularly the Ralph Lauren store in the East Hamptons. I would just love to visit this shop. I've fallen in love with it from the pictures on the Ralph Lauren website.

I adore the white exterior (above) - it looks more like a charming little cottage or a bed and breakfast rather than a store.

You could rest awhile on the front porch, decorated here in blues....

...and decorated here with a touch of pink, with a sailor on the wall to keep you company.

Heading inside... I wouldn't know what to look at first!

Love the cane chairs as well as the white painted round table. But do you think they'd let me purchase the 'fairweather' sign? It could be my holiday memento. Bit tricky getting it past Qantas though.

I think I would have fun in this shop!

On a personal note, I'm feeling very happy today and thought I would share this with you. You see, I had a chat with my son's teacher who told me that he had sat down with the other children in the class and explained that, much like children with autism (which they'd been learning about the week before), my son is a little different, and should be treated with care and understanding, not fear or hostility. He made sure the children understood that they should try to help my son where they can, and he talked to them about diversity. When the teacher told me this, tears sprung to my eyes. After two years at an expensive, exclusive private school, where I was made to feel that my child was a terrible burden and drain on their resources, and where my parenting skills were constantly questioned, here is a teacher and a public school doing their utmost to make my son feel welcome and accepted. I felt grateful and relieved.
Long live public schools and their wonderful teachers!
So that's my happy news. I hope you have had a happy day too.
Best wishes,


Lee said...

I'd love to go shopping with you at Ralph Lauren. It looks divine! I wouldn't know where to start either.

Also, so glad to hear that your son has landed in just the right place with just the right teacher - no doubt he will thrive in this environment. No wonder you're feeling happy!! I'd be walking on cloud nine too.

Porchlight Interiors said...

That shop looks amazing - I'm sure I would love everything in it! So glad to hear your son has such a great, supportive teacher - what a difference it makes! Tracey xx

Romana said...

The right teacher for the right child - it can change lives. So glad to hear his year is off to such a good start, and therefore, your year too. Lovely post :)

Linda/ RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair" said...

Dear Catherine~What a delight and great joy to "find" your blog, quite by "accident", this morning! Reading about your precious son was so UPLIFTING (& a wonderful way to start the day here in the good ol' USA!)~~~~~~~ Your blog is "UPLIFTING", too! Love, love, lovvvve the RL shop & the style your prefer for you n' your family ~ A simplistic, clean-lined & happily NATURAL design approach is SO welcomed, especially in a world so often "overdone" these days! I enjoyed this so much~ will definitely be back! Warmly, Linda/ "Mom..." (in AZ, USA)

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Ohhh, this makes me ache for summer! Everything's so beautiful.

That's incredible news about your son's teacher. My son was a bit ADD and is dyslexic and had a HORRIBLE time in elementary school. Teacher's just didn't even want to bother with him and he didn't have many friends. In 6th grade we moved to a different school with supportive, postive teachers and it made ALL the difference. Congrats to you for being such a strong, supportive, loving mother!

Fiona Taylor said...

Oh Darlin' I'm so thrilled! It sounds like you have lucked upon a fabulous teacher for your little honey...what a relief! I'm looking forward to hearing all about what's been happening on Sunday xxx

Lauren said...

catherine- i'm so happy to hear the good news about your son's new school. there's probably nothing that would make you happier so this is just great news :) a huge hug to you guys.

and i love the shop too!!

Millie said...

Oh Catherine, such a beautiful find, thank you! I almost expected to see the gorgeous one himself lounging on one of his chairs with a drink waiting to greet you!

Your comments about your precious boy made my heart positively sing this morning. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story. I've left a little acknowledgement for you over at The Hedge because visiting your gorgeous Blog each day is such a joy for me!
Millie ^_^

Kath Lockett said...

That is SUCH BRILLIANT news, Catherine. You *deserve* that fairweather sign for that, and you've made me cry now too....

LexyB said...

Hurrah for public schools! If only more of us appreciated them ... PS: Love that Fairweather sign, too

lily-g said...

The RL shop in the Hamptons yep would love to shop there! visiting the Hamptons would be my dream destination anytime. I was so moved to hear of your son's experience what an amazing teacher and I'm thrilled for the both of you.

ness lockyer said...

I think we both need a holiday and a shop here. It is beautiful.
I am SO happy to hear of your wonderful news. I agree that Public Schools are underrated. What a relief for you both.
Ness xx

Solange said...

Oh, would love to join you shopping to the the stores you share....lovely!
Glad to hear your son is doing better and most of all, understood. It must be such a relief for you.
enjoy the weekend,


Marie said...

What a cute shop...I'd love to go there. Add another one to my wish list.

mondo cherry said...

Sounds like your son is going to have a super year with a lovely teacher which is fantastic. Bet he blossoms in a understanding and caring class. I think I would have cried with joy and relief I was you!

After seeing the photos of the Ralph Lauren shop I think I am going to start saving my money for a trip over there.


Linda Lou said...

I love your blog---I grew up on Long Island and always loved the Hamptons, taking day trips there, and I am a big fan of the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten and her amazing house in East Hampton! i have a special needs daughter and I know how hard it is with schools and acceptance of differences. We wasting a lot of money on year on a private school, and now she is back in public---hang in there!

Kimberlee said...

Catherine - here here re the comments about her son's schooling. I spent the first ten years of my schooling at a public community school in the country and the last three years boarding at an all girls private school. All I can say is that both experiences have set me up so well for the rest of my life. Mum and dad worked incredibly hard to give me the best education that was right for me and I will be forever grateful.

My father is a school principal and in the public system. Their work is amazing and each child has different needs and finding the 'right fit' is a god send.

Your son is a very lucky boy to have a mother that has continued to fight and change to find the best place for his education - and our public schools, like many say, aren't often given the credit they deserve.