Monday, February 23, 2009

Give me a sign, any sign

One of the things I love most about decorating is the thrill of the chase. When I have something in mind, I love to go out searching, ever hopeful that I will find that perfect piece that I have so clearly in my mind.

One of those things I hope to find one day is a vintage salvaged sign.

I would love an old, weathered sign, full of character and charm that I could place on a wall as art.

I think there would be a huge amount of luck and serendipity in finding the right sign - the right amount of weathered-ness, the right colour, the right size, the right price....everything must fall oh-so-perfectly into place.

I love thinking about their history, wondering where they came from, what function they used to perform.

Usually cheaper than original art, and so much for meaningful than a print, I think signs can add colour, interest and originality to a room.

I love the typography in this graphic black and white sign tucked under a console, below.

This great big old advertising sign adds colour and a dash of humour.

Not sure if this is really vintage (below), but I love its mellow, warm colours.

Signs particularly appeal to me because of my love of typography.

This sign below was a lucky roadside find. How fabulous!

This (below) is not actually a sign, but artwork based on a sign - the next best thing I guess!

One day maybe I'll find a sign I love. In the meantime, I'm having fun searching one out. You never know your luck!

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viera said...

Catherine. What a great post! I love signs ,they make such a statement in any room1

Anna said...

Such a great idea. I love it!

Sa-Sea Boutique said...


Claire Jackson said...

Absolutely fabulous post Catherine, just love the feel of every room and space you've found in search of finding exactly what you're looking for. Just fabulous, and thank you for sharing!


vicki archer said...

Can't promise you a sign Catherine, but I have given you an award at French Essence, xv.

Maya@Completely-Coastal said...

Me too, I'd love to come across an old weathered sign, coastal related of course..., I saw some around in antique stores, pretty expensive..., I'm thinking maybe one day I just discover one that fell off a beach shack or something, wouldn't that be great.

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Mmmm, I love all of those photos. I'd love to have a sign like those too. They just have so much character.

Lee said...

Loved this post - I often find myself looking at the signs/signposts whilst driving along and thinking about how they could be used in a decor-related fashion. All very gorgeous examples you have used here.

Romana said...

Great post - I love the texture of the sign and would love one oneday also. My tip is to check out salvage/scrap yards rather than antique/vintage shops.


Terri said...

Good luck finding a sign. This is something one could spend a whole life searching for! I like the originals as well. When I was at the Paris flea market, I saw a few that I liked but everything was so expensive (500 Euros). I bought an old poster typesetting letter "A" that is about 10 inches high and it cost me 40 Euros!

So, you will have the best luck in small, ignored roadside antique shops I think!

P.S. Awesome collection of photos! I love the old typeface also!

MelsRosePlace said...

Love these images...i dont know how you do it but you keep reading my mind!! I am always on the lookout for something like this..with great regret is the sign i didnt buy that was gone the next day...arrghhhh...Mel xxx

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

Wonderful post and some fabulous images ! Can you look out for one for me too ??? good luck in your search 1!!!

mondo cherry said...

I'm on the lookout too, so maybe it is lucky we don't live in the same state or we might be found fighting over one on a roadside collection day! In my dreams.... I have only ever come across very expensive ones, and even then they didn't really appeal. Good luck with your search.

Fiona Taylor said...

Gorgeous images as always hon! I hope you find the perfect sign...I will have to take you for a drive next time you are down to visit Noddy's curios, and De Youngs Salvage. I could spend some serious money in both these places, if I had it to spend that is!

ness lockyer said...

You know I LOVE signs and typeography too. There is a salvage yard here in Tassie that gets signs in quite often although I am yet to see the one I adore, so I will just keep making my own til I find it...good luck.

There is a etsy site that often as vintage signs
I think thats it.
Ness xx

Things That Inspire said...

Very cute post! Now I am going to be on the lookout for a sign because I read about your quest. Don't you love it when a blog influences you that way?

Millie said...

Just fabulous Catherine - what a collection of different & very inspirational ideas!

We had a sign come into our family last year courtesy of MOTH's scrounging @ the Stirling Dump! He dragged this old red & white enamel Commonwealth Bank sign home from one of his many trips to that salubrious establishment, insisting I put it up somewhere. Well, I did just that - I put it up on ebay & got $550.00 for my new kitchen fund!
Millie ^_^

Rachael said...

these are great! i love the history too..or imagining what the history would be..... a great talking piece in a room

ed said...


Kay said...

I love old signs too...I am in the process of making my own using stencils and a huge old black chalkboard.