Friday, February 6, 2009

Every home should have one

Australian Home Beautiful

Console tables, hall tables, sofa tables....whatever you happen to call them, I think these long narrow tables are a brilliant piece of furniture to add to your home.

They can be practical: a place to dump your keys in as you walk in the door, a room divider, a place to hold a lamp, a spot to tuck away footstools when not in use. And if they have drawers (which many of them do) then they're even more practical. I've got dvds, playing cards and takeaway menus tucked in my console's drawers.

Equally important, they can add beauty to your home: console tables offer endless opportunities to create little vignettes of your favourite bits and bobs. Terri at Windlost did a wonderful, thoughtful post on the art of arranging objects on a table, termed 'tablescapes'.

Console tables also are useful to fill an empty corner in your home. They look sensational with a mirror propped up against them, or an artwork above - so in that sense they work like a mantlepiece, which not everyone is lucky enough to have in their homes these days (including me!).

So here are some of my favourite console tables.

The one in the picture above is a particular favourite, because it is made of a beautiful wood with a wonderful patina, and it has trestle legs. I love the way this table has been accessorised with the most beautiful pieces. I'm sure each one tells a story about the owner. I'm loving the cane baskets tucked underneath for storage. And I'm a sucker for a gorgeous mirror, propped up casually.

Texture abounds in the baskets both above and below this next console, while the framed antique poster is great - I love typography! I also have a thing for pedestal bowls, and black and white, so this picture is just about near perfect for me!

Interiors (now gone to magazine heaven)

This console isn't old enough or battered for me, but I love the way it has been accessorised with the books, the jugs, the lanterns.

This was the first console table I fell in love with. I ripped this out of a magazine and kept it on my fridge for ages while I searched for one of my own, which I eventually found!

Mode (also gone to that big publisher in the sky)

I'm not too keen on the antlers, but love everything else about this picture, including the smudged photograph of an open book, the candlesticks, the antique books and the dear little lamps.

Australian Home Beautiful

Love the drama and the height from the primitive shield and the massive, modern flower arrangements.

I think this table below adds so much interst to the room, when teamed with the height of the branches and the striking modern artwork.

Jonny Valiant

Ok, I'm cheating here, this is really an adorable antique ironing board, but the concept is the same - it's still an opportunity to unleash your creativity by putting a series of objects together, although here the owner (or stylist) has shown restraint.

Any console with sticks in a vase seems to catch my eye. I totally love the colour of the wood in this picture below, and its timeworn patina.

John Paul Urizar

I adore old suitcases! And they look great tucked under a console table, as in the picture below. I need to hunt for some battered old suitcases of my own! Speaking of old suitcases, have you seen the one featured on Absolutely Beautiful Things, which has been lined with the most exquisite fabric? Go have a look.

Australian Home Beautiful

You can see a trend pattern emerging in the pictures I chosen...most add height with a propped up mirror or a significantly sized artwork, as seen below.

A great, scrubbed console with a symmetrical placing of objects.

Andreas von Einsiedel

More baskets tucked underneath...there's definitely a consistency to what catches my eye!

Alexia Biggs

This one has the whole box and dice - a drawer, a basket AND a suitcase underneath and a footstool.

Country Home

I've got two console tables in my home - one in my hallway and one in my living room, and I've posted pictures of them before. I'm not happy with the colour of the one in the living room, so when I get some spare time I'm going to take up my lovely blog friend Ness' suggestion and wax it with black wax.

Have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes,


ness lockyer said...

Hello Lovely,
You know how to suck me in dont you? LOVE consoles and I really love the ironing board. I actually done a post on this home a while back.
you will have to show me some photos when you attack yours with wax..i'd love to see.
Ness xx

Romana said...

Great collection Catherine, thanks for the post! Hard to pick a fav, the trestle-legs looks devine,but I am always looking for more storage and the white table is gorgeous :)

Beautiful Living said...

Loe the one with the trestle legs! And I've been doing the 8 minute thing, it totally works! ;)

delamare said...

I've always loved that one from the old issue of Mode too Catherine; in fact I think I ripped it out and put it in my cuttings folder too1 If memory serves me correctly, I think it's from Maggie Tabberer's farm?

Terri said...

Catherine, what an amazing collection. GREAT post you! I think you did just a marvellous round-up ofwonderful images. I think it is so neat that we (the people who visit your blog) have such similar tastes and like a similar vibe, but slightly different things strike our fancy. I loved all your photos (for various reasons), but I actually like the plainer image from Australian Home Beautiful (is that still around?) most - with the big silver mirror (exquisite!).

Perfect post (and thanks for the mention too).

xo T.

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Great photos! I love console tables too. I have a pine one in my kitchen that I found at a flea-tique store for $30! I was so excited I dropped everything and ran up to the register with it before anyone else could take it :).

Millie said...

Wonderful post Catherine - although I've loved absolutely everything you've done this week girl! I truly covet the Jonny Valance console with the tall branches in the vase - I have just the wall for that little darling.

With all our mob my mind immediately turned to Christmas Day lunch & what a fantastic buffet table it would make!

If this week is anything to go by, I can't wait to see what Simply Natural has is store for us all next week!
Millie ^_^

Kath Lockett said...

Damn, they all look great but our house is too tiny to squeeze one in anywhere. ....unless, when you come over to visit Catherine, you could offer us your services an interior stylist?

Lee said...

I love, love, love consoles, so I adored this post - all the pics are great. I'm want to replace my existing console but I still haven't found exactly what I want. This points me in the right direction.

dwellings and decor said...

Oh I agree everyone should have one. These are lovely inspirational photos!

Kimberlee said...

console tables are just delicious. Unfortunately my little place doesn't lend itself to a console table, but one day..... Hanging out for the cool change, I think its on its way, hope you have kept cool in this ridiculous weather x

Solange said...

Love the post Catherine! sidetables are indeed charming and add beauty (but I usually leave things lingering...) What beautiful pictures you added again, so inspirational !
I am so curious of your wax-sidetable project,

have a nice weekend!

Fiona Taylor said...

Hey Ma'am! No prizes for guessing really, but my favourite console would have to be the one with the owls - you know me and my bird addiction! Thanks for you kind words about my fledgling I just have to sell some :) Hope you are having a great weekend Sweetness, and I'll catch you at Jenny's next weekend xxx

Rachael said...

gorgeous post - makes me want to redo my side table.....

Porchlight Interiors said...

What a gorgeous collection of console pictures. It would be very hard to choose a favorite as they all have something beautiful about them! Hayley

katherinewilliams24 said...

I like those console tables and they totally made me redecorate my living room. I heard that they've similar ones at Ballard Designs.

Ross said...

Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers Console Table and more at reasonable prices.

Allison @ Quaint Oaks said...

Sooo...2 years later...I stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for console table ideas for my new table which, ironically, I am also blogging about. Love your ideas and hope you don't mind that I linked back to you. Love your blog.