Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Before and after: living rooms

Time for some more before and afters!

There's so many things that you have to get right for a renovation to be successful.
First and foremost you have to have the vision to see beyond the ugly and find some redeeming factor that gives you a glimmer of hope that this unattractive space is worth spending time and money on.
Take this living room above - it is from a home that won Australian Home Beautiful's House of the Year in 2000. Here's the living room before: lots of seventies brick (minus), ugly bar (minus), exposed beams (plus), soaring ceilings (plus, plus).

Now I'm sure many potential buyers would take one look at this living room and walk straight out again - all that wood makes it look not only dated, but closed in - claustrophobia inducing.
But some clever and talented person had the vision to see that if you painted that wood white, the room would open up, especially if you added some mirrors to bounce the light around. The drab fireplace becomes a feature with a beautiful new surround, while those rickety looking shelves look fantastic painted white and artfully filled with antique silverware, books and other small treasures.
Check out this next living room before - very dated, furnished with uninspiring furniture, but check out the soaring ceilings, and the sheer size of this room.
Here it is below, renovated so tastefully. At last this little lady gets to show off her assets!

I love the pitchforks as art. Gorgeous! And the staircase looks so more open and lighter with the clunky bannister replaced with something fresher and quirky.

Change of subject: Aussies please note that Coles (on Friday the 13th) and Woolies (on Friday the 20th) will donate all profits from sales Australia-wide to the bushfire victims. So if you can, please save your supermarket shopping til then. It's been inspiring to see how generous Australians have been, raising more than $10million already.

And thank you to those of you from around the world who left lovely messages of support yesterday.
Best wishes to you all,


ness lockyer said...

I love those makeovers. I have had the pitch fork home saved for the beach house makeover as inspiration for a tricky stairwell.
BTW, I will be doing my shopping Friday.
Ness xx

mondo cherry said...

These are great - particularly the last one. We are in the process of buying a house that has a very chunky pine staircase and this gives me hope! The unusual banister is fantastic.
Thanks for the info about the supermarkets - they sound like good days to stock up on the big boxes of nappies!

Rachael said...

I love the staircase and the railings - just gorgoeus!

Lee said...

Great makeovers - I really like the last one and the staircase is amazing. I'd smile every time I walked up or down the stairs.

Catherine - I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you for a 'show us your blogging space' game.

Kimberlee said...

The bottom two before and afters are my fav xx

LaurenFaythe said...

I love these transformations! Thank you!

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

No way! Those are awesome transformations. I love before and after photos too.

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

It's so awesome...with some creativity and a few buckets of paint rooms can be transformed and look so chic.

Terri said...

I always envy people with a vision for homes like this. I can see potential beauty but I am always afraid of the cost. Wish I had their courage. Amazing what white paint can do! Great post!

citysage said...

Great makeovers---I love it when you feature these. you have such an eye for finding them!

Especially loving that last one with the awesome staircase. Makes me wish I didn't live in a single story!

Millie said...

The first house is a sibling of our 'beauty', although ours was sans Wet Bar - thanks goodness or MOTH would have slapped a heritage order on it & found a way to work it in during our renos!

Very heartening to see these images Catherine, time for me to pluck up the courage & do a post on the progress of our disgusting bathroom! MOTH & I went tile shopping on Monday & Beaumont's on The Parade had to call in security to break up a minor scuffle that ocurred between us when MOTH wouldn't let me have my way!
Millie ^_^

Ianny said...

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