Monday, January 26, 2009

Wine country

In honour of it being Australia Day today, I thought I would show you a pretty little piece of it, which is about one and a half hours from my doorstep...the Clare Valley.

I went up to the Clare Valley this weekend, to pick up my new car (yay!). The Clare Valley is wine country, known for its Rieslings. There's many lovely wineries to visit, some of which are in beautiful old stone buildings, such as this.

Or this

The scenery is quite lovely

There's some antique shops to poke around in

And some good restaurants and cafes, including the Citadel, where I was lucky enough to have lunch. Great food and a stunning vista from the verandah where we dined. Their bowls of rosemary roast potatoes with garlic aioli are so good. And the weather was perfect as we sat there sipping our local wine, looking out across the vines, the pencil pines and the gently rolling hills.

They regularly hold outdoor movie sessions on these lawns, including one coming up with a greek mezze and lamb on the spit dinner...yum!

And then I got to drive my fab new car home and give it a good run! Truly a lovely day.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend, whatever you got up to.


Fiona Taylor said...

Wish I was there! Must take the children for a drive up there when the dust settles around here and my dad is out of hospital. Hope you had a great long weekend sweetness! xxx

Millie said...

Aaah, my spiritual home Catherine! Yes, it's a very special place & I love it to bits. Lunch on the verandah @ Diana & Dave Palmer's place, the gorgeous Skillogalee Winery is my very favourite place in the whole wide world!!

Glad you had such a lovely weekend, & that are enjoying your new car. We are just about to have a big BBQ with a number of our boys & will let go with a roaring rendition of Advance Australia Fair vey soon, which I'm sure you'll hear from Stirling.

Kimberlee said...

Fabulous post darling! I love the Clare Valley, having grown up in Burra and spent the first sixteen years of my life there. Citadel is fantastic isn't it! - their pizzas are delicious. What a perfect way to spend your weekend. Have a fabulous week xx

Lauren said...

So beautiful!! Can't believe you're so close to all of that!!

Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

How divine

Kath Lockett said...

That sounds just about perfect!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a wonderful place to visit.
Beautiful scenery and sensational buildings
Just came over from lily-g's

ness lockyer said...

My type of weekend! I love old stone buildings, ecspecially if there is a shop of cafe inside. Great post.
Ness xx