Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ok, I splashed out big time, and bought myself a Christmas present. My first ever digital SLR. My first ever SLR even! A Nikon D60, with a telephoto lens thrown in. For me, who knows nothing about cameras, doesn't know her ISOs from her apertures, but appreciates beautiful shots.
Hopefully, over time, you will see the quality of the photos on this blog improve. I intend going to a one day class at the Adelaide Zoo next month to kick things off, and in the meantime will keep playing around. Who knows, maybe I will develop a passion for photography?


ness lockyer said...

Well done I say. New Year, new hobby. I am sure you will become quite the Mari Erikson...have fun with your new toy,
Ness xx

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Keep us posted on how you do figuring out the camera and photographing with it. And how did you know what kind to buy? I would love to upgrade to a better camera, but am so intimidated by the fancy kind that actually take good pictures!

Terri said...

Oh, you will love it! I am a Nikon girl and have had many SLR's over the years, but I took a break and have not bought a digital SLR yet. I have my heart set on a D300. For now, I have a couple of good compacts that have a lot of nice features.

You will learn so much in your course - it is very easy to get started and the fundamentals are actually quite simple - all about the quantity of light.

Have FUN! I am so happy for you! xo Terri

A-M said...

Oh how wonderful. Hope you have heaps of fun. It's a good idea to do a course. I still haven't mastered my camera - too impatient - just point and shoot. One day! A-M xx

Beautiful Living said...

Ooh, GREAT camera! Congrats! I left an award for you at my blog! :)

Velvet and Linen said...

Looking forward to seeing those beautiful images.


MelsRosePlace said...

Good on you! We recently bought a new camera, its big but not an slr (i dont think, i am so ignorant). The manual was like a novel and i havent really even looked at it so i admire you and cannot wait to see some of your photos with the new camera. It will be a lot of fun.Mel xxx