Monday, January 5, 2009

My 2009 projects

I have started the year fresh and full of enthusiasm to tackle some new decorating projects around the house. I'm itching to turn things up a notch. So, money and time permitting I would like to do the following in the next twelve months...

1. Repaint the outside of my house
Let's be brutally honest here. I live in a small, cookie cutter house that has very little in the way of architectural features. On the plus side, it has lots of natural light, is modern and neutral, features 9 foot high ceilings, and it is pretty close to the CBD. So whilst it's not a place that's worth sinking a lot of money into, it does deserve a little bit of love and attention.

I'm not fond of the colour the house is painted, in fact the longer I live here, the more I dislike its bland peachiness. I plan to paint it a cafe latte colour.

Moving inside now....

2. Replace my sliding door with french doors
I loathe my sliding door, almost as much as I can't stand my house's cheap, nasty aluminium windows. I'm not about to replace the windows, but the sliding door just has to go.

I'd like something romantic, like this lovely set....

Pia Jane Bijkerk via Design Sponge

...but they wouldn't be in keeping with the style of my home, so I'll be opting for something very simple, like this.

Australian Home Beautiful

I installed these style french doors in my last home, and it made a big difference.

Australian Home Beautiful

3. Re-stain/paint my console
I had always wanted a console table, and I kept this rather tatty picture for inspiration. Some of you might recognise it, as it comes from Maggie Tabberer's barn.

Australian Vogue Living

After much looking I bought this (below) from an auction house for $25. It was painted a hideous green colour, was missing handles, had cheap plywood nailed to the back and a missing bottom shelf. I pulled off the plywood backing and had it restored and was very pleased with the end of result.

Only thing is, the colour has sort of turned orange over the years. It was meant to be this lovely mellow colour:

Australian Country Style

Or this John Paul Urizar

I would like to have it restained, but I'm unsure how that would go, seeing it already is stained. It might have to be sanded back so much that it takes all the lovely dings and dents out that give it character. Any thoughts? Ideas most gratefully welcome.

Otherwise, I might paint it instead - white. Hopefully it would end up looking something like this:

I could rub it back a little for a weathered look perhaps...
4. Find a little cupboard
I have a little corner where I currently keep a trunk, filled with large toys and sporting gear. The trunk was my first ever antique, purchased when I was 23. I would like to put the trunk elsewhere and fill this corner with a humble little cupboard.

I'm hoping to pick up an old cheap cupboard at an auction that I can paint white and then top with a gorgeous mirror. Something like any of these little lovelies would be just perfect:

I'm also quite taken by these two cupboards below, with their decorative metal insertsAustralian Country Style

Australian Country Style

Wish me luck with my search. I think half the fun is in the looking.

5. Fill up the rest of my shelf in my study.

Now that I have my Mondo Cherry artwork, I'd like to frame some photos, with the end result looking something like this:

6. Have washable covers made for my couch cushions.

I thought I was being very clever buying a couch with washable covers. Particularly as it is so hard to find couches with washable covers in Adelaide, as suede modulars are all the rage here. You can imagine my dismay when I went to wash the cushions only to find a 'do not remove these covers' tag on the cushions. Apparently only the cover over the frame is washable. Great. So now I need to get loose covers made for the cushions, if I can find a company that does it.

7. Replant in my garden.

My poor little garden, like all of those in Adelaide, has suffered terribly from the drought. I even had to have a new drough tolerant lawn installed late last year, as the last one curled up its toes and never came back. Now I need to replace some of the dead plants. I'm thinking of simply planting box hedge all the way around.

So that's it.

Budget permitting, I hope to get all these done this year. I'll keep you posted.

Oh and this is what I'd do if I had a much bigger budget:

  1. Get rid of those nasty aluminium windows

  2. Install white plantation shutters in bedroom 2 and the study

  3. Replace my laminate benchtops with stone

  4. Have my kitchen cupboards professionally painted white

  5. Put french doors all the way across the back of my house

  6. Render the back of my home

  7. Put up a pergola

But these are just going to have to wait!

Now, tell me, what are your decorating plans for 2009?


ness lockyer said...

I have loads, as you know! lol!!
In regards to your sanding issue. I just done something similar...same issues, turned out like your photo...I will email you.
Ness xx

vicki archer said...

I love your ideas Catherine and I am sure they will make a huge difference. Sometimes just the addition of one thing can change a room completely. Good luck and happy hunting, xv.

citysage said...

What a comprehensive list! I loved this little sneak peak into your home---what you've done so far is just lovely, and I adore the little changes you've identified to make it even nicer. I agree that the peachy color has to go! And bummer about those 'washable covers'!

I can't wait to see how the orangey wood table gets new life, and those french doors are going to look stunning.

My decorating goals? Hmm...since we live in a rental my goals are small, but I would like to finally put up the curtains I dragged across the country when we moved. Painting the walls might be nice (but it's hard to convince myself it's worth it), and I'd love to keep adding to my furniture collection. We don't have a bookshelf at the moment, and I'd love to get my library out of the closet and on display.

The ultimate goal? A home of our own...but something tells me that this isn't the year for that :)

Kath Lockett said...

French doors would look GREAT in your house as would the latte paint job at the front.... ironic that we're leaving behind our french doors to have sliding doors in Melbourne.

House plans for 2009 - seeing as we're going from 750m2 block to around 220m2, I suspect I'll be spending a bit of time in 'Howard's Storage World' trying to find nifty chrome plated thingies for the inside of my cupboards in order to maximise our storage spaces.

Oh and four large pots with fleshy cacti for the pergola area, a silvery chrome fruit plate for the white kitchen bench and new cushions for the dining chairs - WHITE, but washable and removable, so I think you'll approve!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

LOVE your ideas! Please keep us posted when you complete your projects! I would love to see them!

River said...

When I read french doors my first thought was cafe style doors might suit the house better, then I saw the french doors you pictured and have to say you're right.
About the console, could you maybe sand a little bit at the back to see just how deeply the stain has penetrated? It probably has gone in too far, so painting it white then distressing it a bit would look good. At least now you know not to use that type of stain again.
A box hedge around the lawn would look great, but keep the conifers for a little height interest.
I personally have no redecorating plans, my place is a rented unit.

Fiona Taylor said...

Whatever you manage to do is bound to look marvellous! The console is a tricky one, although it is possible that it's the lacquer that has turned orange, not the stain itself. It may be worth trying a little paint stripper somewhere unobtrusive and see what it's like underneath. Otherwise, there is somewhere in Adelaide where you can have furniture dipped in acid which removes all traces of everything, but preserves the dents etc. I had the western red cedar doors done in the house I bought with Nigel, and they turned out great, although it greys the timber slightly. I'd leave that as a last resort though, and I think the white would be a great option. Hope you achieve all your goals this year Babe!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Happy New Year Catherine! Looks like you will be just as busy as me with all your decorating plans! Your home is lovely and I'm sure the changes you have suggested will make it gorgeous. The timber consoles you love look like they have no stain on them - they are probably covered with a wax polish - beautiful. Good luck! Tracey x

Romana said...

Great plans for the coming year, please keep us posted with any progress! I sooo hear you on the sliding door-French door change...will make a great addition to your room.

And I agree re. the console - I think they have been waxed/oiled, not stained and varnished.