Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm beaming

I'm beaming because I've just bought a new car! My current little beast has done almost 200,000 clicks, so it was time to let this little workhorse go. A lovely zippy, shiny silver beastie is now mine!

So in honour of my happy mood, I thought I would show you some favourite pictures of mine, all featuring beams! I know, I know, it is a rather weak link. But I've been drawn to rooms featuring exposed beams for years now. I think I like the airy quality they bring to the room - all that ceiling space. They also bring a sort of farmhouse feel to a room.

Here's some of my favourite pics. All have a light, bright, casual quality about them. Notice the soothe, calming colour schemes. I think a room with lots going on in terms of beams criss crossing the ceiling need to be offset by soft neutrals and a minimal clutter, to ensure the beams remain the star of the show.

Sharyn Cairns

Sharyn Cairns

living homes and gardens

via Pure Style Home

Darryl Carter via Pure Style Home

Simon Kenny, Content Features

These next pictures are from the amazing holiday home of the owners of Danish fashion and homewares company Day Birger et Mikkelson. This home is in St Barts, and all I can do is sigh at its loveliness. All three pictures courtesy of Living etc.

Apologies for the quality of this last has been sitting in my style file for years. It still looks fresh and current for today though. Love the slight nautical feel.

Australian Better Homes and Gardens


Beautiful Living said...

Stunning pictures! And congratulations on your new car!!! :D

Kim said...

Woo hoo, a new car! Not Eleni's? Hope you're enjoying your holidays. xx

Solange said...

congatulations on the car!! wow, what a nice feeling to have a new car. I am changing mine soon, but this time I go for a smaller one.

enjoy your car and week!


Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

Go the beams I say, so light and airy, makes you feel like you on a constant sea side holiday; can't be a bad thing ;)

Terri said...

New car - congrats!

I love beams too and agree that it is best if they are all painted white. I just watched a reno show on TV yesterday and they had to introduce a clutter of structural beams when they raised their roof and they looked so much better when the whole mess was painted white. It went from busy to PEACEFUL and airy in a flash!

Great post and enjoy your new wheels! xo T.

citysage said...

Would you believe I've actually schemed about how I could put some faux temporary beams in my tiny one bedroom rental? Okay, so the idea died a quick death once I measured the ceiling height, but a girl can dream!

And congrats on the new car! Does it have that great new car smell?

MelsRosePlace said...

I must admit i love those ceilings too but unfortunately its too hot here for them to work as the heat just beats in too much. I still love them and enjoy your new car!! Mel xxx

Millie said...

I'm beaming too at this lovely post Catherine! How exciting about your new car, MOTH keeps telling me I need to trade mine in right now as its nearly 5 yrs. old, but I love it too much, so I keep changing the subject. Enjoy your new silver chariot, you should take it for a spin up to BBD soon.
Millie ^_^

Marie said...

Congrats on your new car!!! Luv the bath photo...I'm dying to have a bathroom that gorgeous!
-marie from mariesmarche

Porchlight Interiors said...

Gorgeous post! That St Barts home is my favourite ever - its where my love of black kitchens came from. I have high timber beams in my house too which where stained brown when we arrived but were quickly painted white - what a difference! Tracey xx

ed said...

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