Friday, January 30, 2009

Going all girly

One thing I've noticed since I started reading interior blogs is that many bloggers comment that they find it hard to stick to the one style. I guess looking at those gorgeous pictures all the time, it is easy for us to become swayed. And it is good to be swayed - just a little - you don't want your style to stay fixed, otherwise it can become boring and predictable. But there's a fine line - you don't want to be crazy about mid century modern one week, shabby chic the next, unless you have a lot of time and money on your hands to go changing your decor all the time.

So why did I bring this up? Because I must confess that I too am one of those bloggers that finds it hard to stick to one style. You see most times I'm happily ensconced in a world of simple, natural, neutral interiors (although they can veer from quite modern, to very vintage), but then I see these lovely, girly, refreshing pictures, and I'm tempted to adopt a more feminine style of decorating. However, I haven't been blown too far off course - all these photos still have a lovely simplicity about them that I find very appealing.

Starting blossoms and the most gorgeous looking pink tins of tea I've ever seen

Selina Lake via Desire to Inspire

A new chair for my bedroom perhaps? Love the silver, a departure from the usual gold

Pretty pretty colours

Lovely copper bath and a feminine chandelier

Polly Wreford

Dressing table perfection

Mint julep cups with pink roses....

Pom Pom Interiors

Gorgeous, glamourous daybed

Stassi Design

Pretty, snowy white femininity, with touches of pink and gold

Stassi Design

A closeup of the mirror, with its lovely old patina
Stassi Design

And what feminine room is complete without some roses?

Polly Wreford

I wouldn't go girly in my whole house, I'm far too practical for that. But a little touch of femininity in the bedroom never goes astray....perhaps I'll go redecorate my boudoir now....


mondo cherry said...

Very pretty pictures. I especially love those tins - I never seem to find such gorgeous packaging in the places I shop! I have a feeling that my husband would put his usually very accommodating feet down at the silver chair! Spoilsport.

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

ooooh how lovely.....I definitely sway and shake all over the place with my blog photos.....but I think in the end simplicity is the bottom line......absolutely adoring the lounge area photo the best !

Beautiful Living said...

How strangely styled was that bathtub! Very cute pictures :)

ness lockyer said...

Oh dear Katherine,
I saved the chair and the tub. My mouth fell open at the tub! Now I am off to check out the Stassi link. I do like a bit of girly here and there.
Ness xx

LexyB said...

The pics are lovely. But I still like a bit of neutral ...

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

I love how soft and delicate all those ideas are. Not to harsh. Very pretty.

Lauren said...

oh no! now you have me adding girly to my design mix- ahhh!! hahah but gorgeous pictures. I LOVE that silver chair!

Terri said...

I'm like you - my tastes tend to wander. I have about 3 key styles that I love and they are all different but have commonalities.

I love feminine rooms too, but know that I would tire of them. I love pink and curvy furniture, but try to limit it to one piece at a time!

That photo of the dressing table you have listed as unknown is from Graham & Green, a UK retailer that we don't have here.

LOVELY images!! xo Terri

simply seleta said...

Oh I came over and got an extra good dose of white! Yum!

I also struggle "style sticking" ha ha ha!!! There's so much goodness out there!

Happy weekend, creative friend!

citysage said...

He he---you are the funniest! I love that your idea of 'straying' from your usual fare is to add some girly touches of pink. other than that little detail, these are the same stunning gorgeous neutrals that you champion every day, and I LOVE you for that! each and every one of these images makes me want to run for a can of white paint and yards and yards of gorgeous textured linen...and I think the pink is PERFECT for a little boudoir setting.

lily-g said...

All the images are so gorgeous, love them all x

Kimberlee said...

so pretty. The first kitchen image is my favourite, such beautiful things x

ed said...