Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tinsel-free zone

Come inside...we're putting up our Christmas tree...

It's going in this corner....

Halfway there!


My red and white baubles make me happy but I've got to replace these lights!

My favourite decorations on our tree are the silver glass baubles with white velvet ribbon....

....and the white china doves with jute string.

It's been so much easier to put up the Christmas tree this year now that my trusty little helper's attention span has increased enough to actually help!

I didn't buy a Christmas tree until I was 31 and pregnant with my son. Until then I'd lived quite happily without one, but when I knew that the following Christmas there would be a baby in the house I went out and bought the biggest, fattest tree I could find. This tree actually helped him to crawl, I'm convinced of it. At five and a half months old I plonked him in the middle of the room on a rug, only to come back a few minutes later to find him in the corner of the room, tugging at a bright shiny bauble on the tree. He's been on the move ever since!

Call me the Christmas Nazi if you wish but I've vowed my tree and indeed my whole house to be a tinsel-free zone. My next mission is to ditch any plastic decorations, now that my son is past the 'let's trash the Christmas tree' phase - it's all fragile glass from here on in!

I managed to get my sister to ditch the tinsel last year...now if only I could get her to colour coordinate her decorations. Actually I should really go check that the tinsel hasn't crept back on this year.

Ok, so I've shown you mine, now you show me yours!


Kath Lockett said...

We're tinsel free this year too, but that's only because we're trying to keep our house 'sale ready' all. the. frigging.time.

Fiona Taylor said...

Lovely tree...and tell the boy I am very impressed with his efforts! Tinsel disappeared from my tree a few years ago and I certainly don't miss the pieces of the stuff that seemed to turn up in unlikely places throughout the rest of the year. There is no going back now!

Solange said...

Your tree looks absolutely beautiful! I can imagine that your son is happy with it. I also put mine up in the last days, but my son is 3 in a few weeks, and the tree was a good place to pull and bump 'accidentally' into.... you can imagine.
How old is your son?

I love the previous post also, with the garden pictures, I had missed that one!

have a great evening,

MelsRosePlace said...

You are so right...i put some pale blue tinsel on mine the other night and then moved the whole tree and took off the tinsel...it looks a lot better! Your tree is great, my mums tree is very similar and what inspired me to ditch the tinsel. Its good when the kids get older and you can bring on the glass baubles without too much fear (mind you I have already broken a few this year, not the kids!), Mel xx

Porchlight Interiors said...

Beautiful Catherine! Love your black door as well! Tracey x

Kimberlee said...

gorgeous!!! - and i have the exact same silver baubles on the velvet ribbon -snap! xx