Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happiness in a cardboard box

On the weekend my friend Fiona helped me put up a shelf in my study. In a previous post I mused about how I would fill this wall - well as you can see I decided to go with a single shelf, in black, from Ikea. I could not have done this without Fiona's help - she's a super handywoman. Here's the end result.

Today my eagerly awaited gift from the most generous ladies at Mondo Cherry arrived. It was a nice lift for me to get this today, as I've been having a really stressful time since Wednesday when a certain little person who shall remain nameless got suspended from school. Please excuse the blurred photo (it was on the wrong setting), but here is me opening by special gift at work today, with big smile on my face!

And here it is in my study. It looks a little lonely, but soon it will have some monochromatic-minded friends.

Thank you Susieq, Clare and JJ of Mondo Cherry!


Kimberlee said...

gorgeous! your study is really taking shape, can't wait to see what else you put on your shelf! Must have been the weekend for putting together ikea items. My friend Amelia and I put a whole book cupboard together and we were mighty proud of our building efforts!! xx

Fiona Taylor said...

It arrived, it arrived! Love it, want it...and it looks as perfect in that room as I thought it would. I wish it had arrived before the weekend though, because then I could have seen it in person. Will have to check it out next time I am down your way I guess (and bring a really big handbag shhhhhh). By the way, I'm adding "super handywoman" to my resume...and putting you as a reference :)

citysage said...

woohoo! it's fabulous...it's bigger than I imagined. just perfect above your desk. thanks for the pics!

Solange said...

ah, nice that you got a shelve up. It can make such a difference in a room, but also to find a place for your things.
hope you can relax a bit these days, after the incident with your son...!


mondo cherry said...

You are most welcome! We are very glad it finally arrived. It looks great on your shelf - JJ has those same IKEA shelves and it is so useful being able to move things around rather than having to use hooks on the wall. I love your desk - stylish and big with plenty or room to spread out. Looking forward to seeing more photos as your study takes shape.

Millie said...

Looks just perfect to me Catherine! Oh the joys of mothering boys - could I ever write a book on that subject. Don't fret too much, the school where my boys went renamed the Time-out room in their 'honour'! I still run into their old Headmaster occasionally & 10 years on he just shakes his head & laughs at me!!
Millie ^_^

Kath Lockett said...

Commiserations re the hassles regarding your 'certain little person'. I hope that the school is going EVERYTHING it can (and that you pay for) to help him. And you.