Friday, December 12, 2008

Black magic

I love all-white schemes. The Swedes do them so well. But there's something about a dash of black that really adds oomph to a room. But in my opinion, a little black goes a long way.

Not sure where I found this first picture, but I'm loving the stripes. Take away the black accents in this room and you would be left with a pretty dull look.

Black metal tolix chairs paired with an all white kitchen and some grey accents....I'm in heaven! Image from Skona Hem.

Great metal lamp. Really pops against the black wall. Image from Restoration Hardware.

I'm mad about these paintings - inspired by old tram route rolls. Image from Sam McAdam.

Gorgeous entry by Stephen Knollenburg as featured in Architectural Digest.
This is desk perfection. I wouldn't want to mess it up by doing some real work here though! Image from Living Etc.

Not sure where I found this little gem. A little greenery really lifts it.

As I write, the rain is pelting down outside on my tin roof, a wonderful sound. The rain is a welcome relief after such a dry season. So if it continues, I might just be having a cozy little weekend at home. Whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend!


Fiona Taylor said...

I love a little black to add some drama, but you are right...a little goes a long way. Great images there!

Heidi said...

Great post Catherine. I love black and white , I think you already know that. I could stay in bed all day listening to the sound of rain on a tin roof. Hope you have a great weekend. Heidi

Angus said...

I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L said...

Wonderful photos - favorite scheme is black/white with a hint of green as in the plant in the kitchen photo makes all the difference. Love your blog.

Solange said...

great photos!! I love the way black can be so dramatic and elegant. I am a bit scared to use it ,but now I maybe change my mind...

have a great sunday,

Solange :-)

Kimberlee said...

Catherine - GORGEOUS! can never tire of black and white. that first image is stunning, never seen it before. xx

Megan said...

those photos are gorgeous! black & white always looks stunning and flawless. i just found your blog today and i am loving it!

Velvet and Linen said...

Gorgeous images. I love a nice black and white interior. Great post.


Thomas said...

Love the post.

Anyone know where I can find/buy a basket similar to the one in the foyer of Stephen Knollenburg's place? I keep seeing those baskets in magazines, but have yet to find somewhere to buy them.

Even just knowing what the name of that type of basket is would be helpful.

Catherine said...

Hi Thomas
If I had to guess, I would call the basket in Stephen Knollengberg's hallway a 'rush log basket'. I found what looks to be very similar on a website called
If you go to the home and garden section they have a 'coco medium rectangular rush planter' which likes strikingly similar to the one in the picture. And this company sells on-line!
Good luck and happy new year.