Friday, December 19, 2008

Aussie Christmas

Christmas in summer must seem strange to those of you who live in the northern hemisphere, but to those of us born into it, warm weather and Christmas go hand in hand.

Lunch tends to be casual, often a great big buffet of seafood and cold foods, although I do like the traditional hot turkey lunch myself. And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a huge bowl of cherries to dip into.

Some people even head off to the beach for lunch, with a game of cricket afterwards to stave off the afternoon sleepies.

While others just have a barbie in the backyard, with champagne and beer in plentiful supply.

I'm loving this table setting here below - with the gum leaf table centrepiece and gum leaf star in the background. Very Australian! I have been looking for ages for a eucalyptus wreath, but no luck yet!

One day I hope to have a white Christmas. But in the meantime, I'll put on a summer dress and some thongs (translation: flip flops), help myself to a long cold drink and sit back and enjoy another warm Christmas Day.

Images from Tara Dennis, Viva Terra and Australian Better Homes and Gardens.


Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Oh Catherine! I came across your lovely blog through adorable Emma's blog White and Wander.
I adore your Christmas arrangements. Here in Argentina, the same as you, we have very hot and beachy Christmas. That's why I love your decorations.
Hope you have a wonderful, sunny Christmas, dear!

MaryBeth said...

Oh how I wish I could experience a warm, sunny Christmas. I am staring outside right now at the pouring rain that later tonight will turn into sleet which will freeze the roads and make driving horrible. Sure the white Christmas is nice in theory but with so many people traveling the bad winter weather always ends up causing problems, ie airport delays, accidents on highways and just plain miserable to go out in freezing temperatures. I guess what they say is true "the grass is always greener on the other side". Freezing in Philadelphia, xo, MB

Solange said...

I have experienced one christmas in Australia a few years ago... and it was so different from what I was used to, the beach, the weather, it was amazing. I do enjoy the cold and the turkey here, but it was also nice to seen christmas in a different way.

Hope you enjoy your christmas days!!

ps. the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!


Miles McClagan said...

When I was on Holiday in Scotland, we had a white Xmas...then a white January...then a sludgy February...

Coldest winter since the war, bless...

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Catherine, i love those images too, i blogged about the Tara Dennis ones months ago and was going to use as my xmas inspiration. Have done so a little in regards to the shells etc but changed my colour scheme to blue/red and was going to go natural. These are gorgeous - i hope you have a wonderful xmas, Mel xxx