Sunday, November 23, 2008

Red accents in my home

Not that long ago I posted about touches of red, and said I'd put up some pictures of red accents in my own home, so here they are - there's just a few small touches.

This is my kitchen. It's all very beige (I've comtempated painting my kitchen cupboards white or black, but not anytime soon) so I've added a little red for zing - I have a variety of red tea towells I swap around, there's a vintage style set of scales (being used here to hold some tomatoes) and if you look carefully there's a red spatula and a bottle of organic tomato sauce (ok, I'm clutching at straws now).

This is my rusty iron loveseat in my teeny tiny backyard. Occasionally I will read out here in which case I take these cushions with me (they're not really made for the outdoors). I bought these in Sydney last time I was there. They don't really suit the style of my house (a little too feminine) but they look fine outside I think. Eventually my ugly colourbond fencing will be covered in star jasmine, but because of the severe water restrictions it is taking an age to grow. But still, when I bought my house the backyard was nothing but a mass of weeds and bare earth, so I'm quite happy with what I've been able to do with it so far, considering I'm a hopeless gardener. I wish I had taken a before picture.

And lastly, here's a picture of one of my white couches, with a red cushion tossed into the mix. I like the look of red against neutrals, including this neutral linen cushion. Beside this couch is a huge red vase-type thing I also bought in Sydney on another business trip. I spied it in the front window of a shop so I went inside for a better look. I told the lady I would love it but that it would be too difficult to cart back home to Adelaide. That's when she told me that it is made from bamboo and is as light as a feather. So I took it on the plane as hand luggage. The air hosties just about had a conniption, but I got it through so I was happy! I think almost everyone who loves decorating has a story about lugging things back on a place, and now you know mine! Got any stories of your own to share with me?


vicki archer said...

Your home is gorgeous and I love the touches or red - think I will do that for Christmas.
Many great painters say that a painting is not complete without a touch or red - so you are in excellent company. xv

Fiona Taylor said...

Love those cushions outside! Perhaps you should start leaving your suitcase half empty (or buy a bigger one) so you can bring more things home with you :) I'm a big fan of the "neutrals with a touch of colour" scheme, and it is so easy to swap one colour out in favour of a change...almost as good as a holiday!

Velvet and Linen said...

Nice idea. I like added color in small doses.
This also allows you to change the look of a home quickly and less expensively, but just changing a few pillows etc...

The red accents look lovely in your home. Nice job.



Solange said...

love your sofa. I have got a white sofa of Ikea (very handy with a toddler....) and its easy to wash the covers.
Your garden looks great with that bench and those pillows. The red really adds some style, I am not very daring with colours myself, you make it look so easy.
wish you a nice week!

solange :-)

citysage said...

So so lovely Catherine! What a beautiful home you have made. That single red cushion on the sofa is just perfection!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend :)

ness lockyer said...

I love your lounge. That cushion on the other side in the stripes, where did you get that? It lovely. Your home looks so nice, you have done a great job.
Re, the plane thing. I have lugged cement air grates, mirrors, lamps, rugs (that was interesting), vases, art work, wall hangings and cast iron all sorts before. Next trip to Sydney or Melbourne I hope to bring back an iron urn I have spied!!!
Ness xx