Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mr Hart what a mess!

I like to keep my home neat and organised. I lead a busy life (who doesn't these days?) so I simply operate better when I keep on top of things and maintain calm and order around me. But lately I've been spending too much time reading all the wonderful blogs out there (and creating my own) and not enough tidying-as-I go in my study. Suddenly I realised what a nightmare my study had become. Bills, invitations, tear sheets, school papers....all rolling into one big giant mess.

So a tidy up was in order. Bills were paid, tear sheets tidied, school info filed or binned.



Much better! Now lets see how long it lasts!

The wall above my study is blank and needs filling. I've got some ideas, which I'll post another day.


ashleigh said...

You want to come and clean up my study some time?

Makes your BEFORE shot look really really neat and tidy.

citysage said...

I have the SAME problem! Not only does my actual desk get really messy, but so does the desktop of my computer...it makes my brain feel so cluttered!

Can't WAIT to see your thoughts on filling up that wall!

P.S. Summertime strawberries and ice cream? SOOO jealous :)

mondo cherry said...

Well done! My whole house is a disaster zone at the moment as we are preparing for some markets and it is impossible to be creative without making a mess. And spending every last minute sewing means that the everyday tasks don't get done, which spells chaos!!! Isn't the amount of paperwork that comes home from school almost overwhelming?

Kath Lockett said...

Even your BEFORE shot looks good!

OLIVEAUX said...

My desk looks like the before image! Better get cleaning 'cause organised is so much nicer. Amanda x

vicki archer said...

love a tidy up too - so that means i can mess it up all over again!