Friday, November 28, 2008

More Maggie Magic

Ok, so a couple of days ago I showed you Maggie Tabberer's house from 18 years ago. Well this is her house she lives in today. All pictures are from the Australian Women's Weekly. Maggie's lived in at least one other home since the one I showed you (I wish I had kept photos of that one too - it was equally good). Her latest home is a stunning three storey white timber home, built around a courtyard which is dominated by a 100 year old frangipani tree.

Here's the white galley kitchen, complete with chunky white marble benchtops. I'm loving those dark floors.

Here's that marvellous frangipani tree - can you imagine it in full bloom? You can see Maggie's bedroom opens right on to this courtyard - so you could step from the bed straight into the pool should you wish. And doesn't Maggie look fabulous - I hope I look as good slinking around in my caftan as Maggie at 71!

A view of the living room...

If you look carefully at this other view of Maggie's living room, you might notice some objects from her former home - the trunk, chair and the massive spiked swordfish bill were all in her other home I featured. This proves again the old adage that while fashion might fade, style lasts forever.

The serene bedroom has a tropical feel. The feature wall is glazed grey.

Maggie picked up these cutwork embroidery curtains in a market in Italy.

This picture does this bathroom no justice. I adore the cool, serene white marble, funky cutwork lightfitting and the antique chinese chest fashioned into a bathroom vanity. Maggie I'm moving in, I'll just sleep in here thanks.

Asian touches abound....mixed with other bold, earthy treasures picked up on Maggie's travels around the globe.

So, you might be asking yourself by now what is the connection between Maggie Tabberer and artist Marcella Kaspar who I featured's this house. Maggie's home was built by Marcella and her builder/designer husband Mark Cooper. So not only is Marcella a talented artist, she also has some incredible taste in homes (or at least, incredible taste in men who have incredible taste in homes).

These pictures appeared in Australia's Vogue Living. Unfortunately these pictures aren't complete and don't do the place justice.
Same bathroom...same lightfighting, different mirrors. I think I actually prefer these mother of pearl twin mirrors, which they picked up in India.

If you look verrry carefully, it appears that behind the tree is one of Marcella's magnificent huge paintings.

So there you have it - two equally fabulous and stylish women. I hope Marcella Kaspar's current home pops up in a magazine somewhere.


Fiona Taylor said...

You have obviously done your homework! Wouldn't it be wondeful to live in a climate where such indoor/outdoor living is possible? On a more practical note though, I'm guessing neither of those women needed to do their own dusting!

delamare said...

I've seen pictures of Maggie's homes over the years and always loved them. Her country house - I'm not sure if she still has it - is also really lovely. I remember too she and Richard Z hosting one of the first home reality programs on the ABC yeeeears ago. I loved hearing her say how much she loved all of her Italian crockery, and that it was there to be used and it didn't matter that it had little chips off the edges.

She is very stylish indeed.

Kath Lockett said...

Wow Catherine, you really know your stuff - you should seriously write in to Maggie c/o Aussie Women's Weekly to point this out, or write to wherever Marcella is based. It is precisely YOUR kind of eye that such publications need. I can see the column now; about how homes get new lives under new owners but still retain their classic features over time. Get to it, girl!

Solange said...

especially love the bathroom, so luxurious and stylish!
I'd love to have a house with such a good balance with outside and inside, very inspiring.
have a good weekend!


Solange said...

especially love the bathroom, so luxurious and stylish!
I'd love to have a house with such a good balance with outside and inside, very inspiring.
have a good weekend!


Emma @ White and Wander said...

Love these shots!

Was just searching google for Maggie's house in the blue mountains the other day trying to get out of scanning! I am such a lazy blogger sometimes!

And fabulous research xx

ness lockyer said...

I am really enjoying your Maggie posts. I am doing a post tomorrow on her Christmas decorating. I posted on her Southern Highlands home quite a while ago, you should have a look.
I have given you a challenge Catherine. Details are on my blog,
Ness xx

OLIVEAUX said...

Love your Maggie Posts...she has such wonderful style! Amanda x

MelsRosePlace said...

She is the ultimate stylish woman isnt she!! I just said on Ness's blog i WISH she would put out a home decor book featuring HER homes. In fact i am going to suggest it! Mel xx