Thursday, November 27, 2008

Marcella Magic

Marcella Kaspar is a Prague-born artist who lives in Australia. She uses 17th century 'old masters' techniques of opaque layering and transparent glazing to create works of great beauty, conveying a play of light and dark.

She has a whole flower series, but I posted this magnolia painting because I love Magnolias - they are a real favourite of mine as I love their simple, elegant beauty (and the colour pink!).

....As are peonies. Isn't this painting just stunning in it's beauty?

If I had to describe Marcella Kaspar's artwork in a single word, that word would be 'luscious'.

You can see more of Marcella's work at her website
I would love one of her paintings - an absolutely huge one - dominating one entire wall.
Now, there's a reason why I posted about Marcella Kaspar directly after yesterday's post about Maggie Tabberer. I'll tell you about it later - stay tuned!


Fiona Taylor said...

ooooh you woman of mystery! Well, you know I'll be back...even without the teasers :)

ness lockyer said...

Love Maggie and love this woman. i hadn't seen the Peony one before. I am going to check it out and see how expensive it Mum has been after me to paint something just like that for ages...this may save me, Thanks,
Ness xx

citysage said...

Beautiful! I'm so intrigued by this old painting technique you's fascinating to think that paintings from hundreds of years ago might have looked this vivid and vibrant when they were first created, and we only view them through the faded patina of time...

And I can't wait to hear what you've got up your sleeve!

Thank you Catherine for your beautiful posts and your generous spirit :)


Millie said...

Oh 2 of my absolute favourite flowers Catherine - peonies & magnolias!! Marcella's work is truly magical as you said, thank you so much for bringing her to us via your lovely blog.
Millie ^_^

mondo cherry said...

I can't believe how realistic those peonies and magnolias are. Just so beautiful.
We did a 7 things about ourselves post today and have challenged you to do one too! Hope that is ok.

Solange said...

oh, I just love peonies...! wish we had them all year round.
thanks for these images, you really know what is beautiful and have a great talent for writing interesting posts :-)

have a great weekend,