Monday, November 3, 2008

A little shopping

Last night I did some 'fantasy shopping' on the internet at a website for a Danish store.
I stumbled across this beautiful store when I was looking at the gorgeous blog This site is well worth a visit if you haven't already peeked.
Here's what I would about you?

I'll get a string of little hearts for the Christmas tree and....

A vintage camera

The most stylish photo clip I have ever laid eyes on

A set of mugs

A light for my bedroom

Ooh and I'll take three of these to hang over my kitchen counter please

A linen cushion or five for my white couches

A sweet little chair

Some candlesticks, because I've been trying to track down some more silver candlesticks for ages

These cute little baskets and the hooks, to hang bits and bobs in my study

And finally, a mat for the front door that says it all....

That was fun!


Millie said...

Lovely choices Catherine! I'm especially taken with the string of hearts in the first pic.

No problems using the photo of the cottage with the dormer windows from todays post @ the Hedge. Looking forward to seeing your finds, a really interesting subject to post on.
Millie ^_^

citysage said...

Such sweet finds! That perfect combination of ladylike and slightly raw around the edges. I especially love the two lighting pieces...thanks for the share!

Kath Lockett said...

I love love LOVE those silver lamps you'd buy three of to hang over your kitchen counter. Me too!

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

Seems you like the scandinavian designs huh?

So, simple but so nice in it's classy look...

Have a nice day ahead"

ness lockyer said...

LOVE IT! The string of hearts and those fab cushions are my faves. That is such a fantastic shop.
Ness xx