Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lamp love

I have a real thing for industrial style, metal lamps. I constantly see them popping up in pictures of rooms I love. So here are some selections.

Now this first one is available in Adelaide - I have seen this actual lamp! My heart skipped a beat when I made the discovery, as I had admired it in a magazine. I had the perfect spot for it. But then I saw the price.....If you have a cool $1000 you can pop into Outdoors on Parade and it can be yours! Picture from Australian Belle.

I love this entire picture - the monochromatic scheme consisting of the black antique desk, the drawings, the lamp of course and the touch of greenery. This is picture perfection! Picture from Australian Home Beautiful.

This whole room is divine with the double mirrors and the soaring ceiling, but the lamp just caps it off for me. Picture from Martha Stewart.

A gorgeous brass one this time, which fits well with the earthy tones of the wall, the basket and the quilt. Picture from Australian Notebook.

I'm not sure where I found this picture of this little gem, but I love its gorgeous curves.

And for something a bit different, how about a black lamp? Love all the interesting bits and bobs in the bookshelf too. This whole little corner is put together beautifully.

But I've saved the best for last. This one would have to be a genuine antique, surely. I want this exact one on my desk - if I ever spot one, I'm getting it! Picture from Real Living.


Solange said...

love all your pictures. Especially the can really change a room if you have a good lamp. I just bought 2 yesterday, for my nightstand!

have a good end of week,


lily-g said...

I love those lamps and confess to owning a few myself, beautiful pictures what an inspiring post,
have a great week-end x

citysage said...

$1000? What a steal! I'll take two, please, and do they come in other colors in case I get bored of the nickel?

I love this style of lamp too, and that's saying a lot because I'm VERY picky about lamps...aren't the majority of them just hideous and tacky? And they're so pricey, considering that most are dog ugly.

There's something about these, though, that is one part studious and one part high style...sort of like you and me both, my darling!

And how did I guess that you would like that grey/blue room in my morrocan post? The big secret is, as much as I loved all the color to cheer me up, the one I would most likely have in my house is the lovely neutral setting :)

mondo cherry said...

I love these lamps and am the hunt for one, or two, or maybe more for myself. I would rather not pay a grand each though! I love the shape, the vintageness of them and the way hey don't dominate a room and yet add heaps of style. Lamp shopping is a very depressing exercise. All the shops sell the same old stuff, with hardly anything nice. There must be a great online store that sells lamps like these. If find one I will let you know!

OLIVEAUX said...

Beautiful pictures! I love those lamps and the tones in these rooms. Just my style! Have a fabulous weekend! Amanda x

Millie said...

Wonderful post Catherine! Heartbreaking about the $1K. lamps @ OOP. Yes, I agree with everyone else that lamps are a very tricky.

My dear friend Char always manages to have the loveliest ones in her store Richfields on Unley Road. That girl has great style & gets it right every time!
Millie ^_^

Heidi said...

great pics, i love everything in the pics including the lamps. Have a great weekend. Heidi

Beautiful Living said...

Those lamps are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and your comment. :) I am in serious need of some lighting inspiration at the moment... My blog is actually in both Norwegian and English. English is in italics below the first text. Thanks for visiting and I love your blog :D

ness lockyer said...

That is so funny. I was out on the hunt for a black French lamp today...didn't find any though.
ness xx

Katrine Joy said...

Love this selection. Lamps or any room lighting fixtures can make or break one's interior decoration so choosing the right one is a must :) Great post!