Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've got my head in the clouds

Lately I have become captivated by what I call 'big sky paintings'. I'm loving paintings of big billowing clouds, and if they have a bit of water in the picture too, even better. The three Australian artists I've featured in this post have managed to capture clouds in all their ethereal, moody beauty.

The first artist is Jason Benjamin. I find his work stunningly beautiful. His works also have intriguing, lovely names. This first one is titled 'Never never mine'.

Next, 'Because of you I see the light'
And 'For a moment it all made sense'.

Next up is Sophie Dalgleish. Her work appears so simple and spare, but again, her cloud pictures captivate with a lovely, dreamlike quality.

And lastly, Katarina Vesterberg. to me her paintings have a timeless quality about them - like they could have been painted 50 years ago.

If only I could afford to buy one of these pieces! If they were small enough, I think a frameless one, casually proped up on top of a little table would look great.


Velvet and Linen said...

What spectacular paintings!
Oh to be able to paint like that.
Thank you for sharing.


citysage said...

These are breathtaking. It's so amazing to see how the geography and landscape of a place can inspire similar visions in artists, and then to see each vision turn out a little differently is a wonderful chance to view the world through each individual's eyes.

thank you for rounding these up and sharing! And yes, I can absolutely see a tiny one propped casually on a table top---a humble display of epic beauty!

delamare said...

Wow - I love these paintings! Thanks for discovering them and sharing.