Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to fill a blank wall

If you've read my blog before, you might recall the picture of my study. Unfortunately it isn't quite as clean as this right at the moment, but that's besides the point! The point is, I want to fill the wall above it - it is completely bare and rather dull and needs something to make it more interesting.

I really do have a thing for black and white photos - friends, family, more artistic shots. And I love when they are casually propped up on ledge, just like in these pictures.
Love the combination of black and white frames in this elegant photo. The frames are all different heights but they go so beautifully well together.
A single ledge, or double?

Or how about a triple. What I love here is the metal shelving - gives it a little edge. But unfortunately I haven't seen anything like this in my neck of the woods. If anyone has seen something like this in Adelaide, please let me know!

Ikea has little shelves with a lip. I'm not sure how sturdy they are at holding up photos, but at less than $8 a pop I'm willing to give it a try. So stay tuned!
Images 1 mine 2 Villa Hemmet 3 - 5 unknown


Fiona Taylor said...

Hey sweetness! I have the Ikea white shelves with the lip in my study. If they are installed properly they are pretty sturdy, but I'd opt for lightish frames for photos en masse!

I'm sure whatever you come up with will look beautiful.

Solange said...

hi there, I think it's always quite hard to fill a blank wall, since I am forever thinking which decoration or shelf looks best...

I am sure you find something nice, am curious...!

solange :-)

lily-g said...

I love that look too, I really need to try it somewhere in my house. I have started printing my photo's in a natural finish kind of a very pale sepia, it gives them an aged look without the yellow, but I must admit you cant go past B&W x

Kimberlee said...

LOVE!!!!! - I have so wanted to do this, let me know how you go!!! - brilliant collection of images, will have to save to keep me inspired! xx

citysage said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out! The mix of black and white frames is really lovely. And how much do you love that long black bench?

Jo said...

Hi there! I think you've found great pictures to show how to fill a blank wall, but I also think it's appropriate to tell your readers where you've got the picture from. I usually read the "original blog", where you've "borrowed" the picture with the white frames from, and I think you should give her the credit, because she's worth it.

Brg // Jo from sweden

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Hi Jo
Thanks for your comment on my post how to fill a blank wall. I must admit I saved that picture quite a while ago, when I was still very new to blogging and I did not save the name of where I got it from so I couldn't remember the original source. I'd only been blogging for a month (my first post was October 15 2008) so I was still learning. Now when I save an image I put the name of the credit in the filename so even when I go back months later I know where it came from! Now that I am more experienced at blogging I credit images where I can and I also avoid posting images that people have taken privately of their own homes, I stick to images from websites and professional photographers. Please let me know the name of the original blog where you saw this photo, as I would be happy to edit my post and credit the image. Thanks :)

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I've now found out that this lovely image comes from Villa Hemmet and I'll be contacting the author directly to see if she'd like me to remove the photo, or at least, credit it.