Thursday, November 6, 2008

A touch of red

I love all the neutrals. Give me vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate and cookies-and-cream any day. But every now and again a little bit of cherry, strawberry or boysenberry adds a little bit something extra. But for me, a little goes a long way. So here's some photos with just a dash of red to liven things up a bit.

These photos are all kitchen themed. I'd never put red in a bedroom or a bathroom - I like those rooms to be as calm and blissfully neutral as possible, but a communal room such as a kitchen, dining area or living room can all benefit from a bit of a red.

I can't tell you how much I love this kitchen. And the red Kitchenaid mixer - I so want it.

Nancy Fishelson's kitchen (again) with a bowl of tomatoes to brighten things up

Sublime vintage chair. I wonder where it came from? A French cafe perhaps?

Vintage jam jars

More red pics to follow in a moment


delamare said...

I love a touch of red too - I have a very white bedroom, with one red crazy patchwork cushion that a dear friend made me a few years ago.

I've just discovered your blog too - through Blurb from the Burbs - and am really enjoying it.

citysage said...

Yes yes yes to red! It's such a warm, vibrant accent color and I love it so much in contrast with a neutral interior. I just adore those white linen napkins with the red striped humble and elegant. Great pics!

viera said...

Little bit of accent colour ,it can be any, is able to create magic in neutral decor. So easy to change and the results are always great!
Have a great weekend!

Millie said...

Can't beat a touch of red Catherine! Couldn't believe the pic of the jars with red labels. I had a boss called P. Flett here in Adelaide over 20yrs. ago - what a hoot!
Millie ^_^

OLIVEAUX said...

A great collection of images. Love the touch of red! Love the natural linen with red trim. Amanda x