Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Filling that blank wall

Recently I posted on 'big sky' paintings. All were superb, but way out of my price range. But that doesn't mean I have to compromise....I found this exquisite photography whilst skipping through blogs one day. Unfortunately I can't remember which blog (it wasn't one of my regulars) but whoever you are thank you thank you thank you for introducing me to Canadian photographer Irene Suchocki, whose work is available through Etsy. Her photos are works of art, and have a wonderful painterly, vintage quality to them. They also capture the moody sky and sea in all their glory.

Whilst I really want a black and white wall of photos, I may need to throw one of two of these into the mix I think!

Irene doesn't just sand and sea - go to to see her full range. I love these ones too - they have a dreamlike quality to them. Aren't they stunning?

My study wall will also be filled with pictures of friends and family. I am going to chose one or two of these of my little man for starters. All converted to black and white of course.

Here's one I'm NOT going to have framed. This is my son, tongue sticking out, after he'd simply had enough of being a model for the morning. He's a typical fiery red head my boy!


ness lockyer said...

I done a post a fair while ago about Irenes work. She has been one of my favourites for a long time. Her work is stunning and ear marked for my walls once they are painted.
Ness xx

Beautiful Living said...

Wow, some of those pics are stunning! Thanks!

citysage said...

Oh my goodness Catherine, he is the cutest little man in the whole world! That hair is just priceless...what a proud mama you must be!

And gorgeous etsy pics sure know how to find 'em!

Kath Lockett said...

I pick Sky-n-sea photo number four and any of Angus!

Life in the Philippines said...

he looks like prince harry:)

dolcechic said...

These photos are all so gorgeous!

Fiona Taylor said...

I love the photos of the munchkin...especially the one on the jetty - what a stunning shot. It will look equally wonderful in B&W I expect. Isn't the last one him all over? Little bugga!