Friday, November 14, 2008

Counting down to Christmas

Maybe, just maybe, I'll put the Christmas tree up this weekend. I say "I" because my son loses interest after the first five minutes. I do however remember one year when he was smaller when he thought it would be a good idea to help me decorate the tree while entirely nude...except for a santa hat. That was when he was going through his no clothes phase.

So to try and get me (and you) in the mood, I'm putting up some pics of advent calendars. I must say I've never seen anything as stylish as these little numbers in any shops around here, but I'll keep my eye out anyway.

The first picture is from while the rest are from German company, which I found after a reference to it at

This first one would be easy to make - buy some kids socks in Christmas colours, embroider on some numbers and hang from a string by little wooden pegs (I have the pegs at least!).

Cute as a button train

I love this one - so simple and pure

This last one is absolutely gorgeous and if you have a gorgeous ladder just lying around your home, this would be perfect.

I'm finishing off with a non- Christmas picture. Now that I have taken up the hobby of blogging, my book reading and magazine reading has suffered. Just look at all the reading I have been neglecting! Problem is, I still can't resist buying - in fact I have two more books winging their way to me as we speak. Now I just have to find the time to read them.

We are having a barbeque with friends this weekend, then off to a fashion and food fair on Sunday. Gotta love summer! Hope your weekend is great.


viera said...

Hope you find some time to check the magazines.
Have a great weekend!

delamare said...

Ooo Catherine - i have three of those magazines in this pile (Inside Out, Country style, and Living etc). I've just got my advent calender, ready for 1 December ... it's a Matthew Rice one that my sister just brought me back from the UK.

And one of my sons would probably like to decorate a tree in the nude - luckily not the 13 year old, but his six year old brother!

citysage said...

I have a similar pile of magazines on my bedside table. They've been staring accusingly at me all week! Blogging is addictive but we must remember the important things in life, ie. big, full color glossies :)

Have a great weekend Catherine!

Fiona Taylor said...

Love the advent ideas there Miss Catherine! I made a set of little felt stockings for an advent calendar a few years back, but I have been trying to think of ways to display it more effectively. You've given me plenty of food for thought. It was lovely catching up with you today...hope you find some time tomorrow to plow through those mags too! If you are out and about, pick up a copy of the Collectors edition of Australian House & Garden. So many lovely things in there! On my shopping list is the black and white Hepburn wing chair in the Domayne catalogue...and the white dresser on page 147. If you should win the lottery...think of me won't you? Love & hugs x

prettywithribbons said...

This happens to me too! I look at my blog-surfing kinda like a magazine. But there is still nothing better than curling up in a corner with a cup of coffee and a good magazine or book...

Solange said...

lovely ideas! I know what you mean about magazines and books, I also keep buying them, knowing I still have some at home... but it's just too tempting.
enjoy the weekend,

Solange :-)

OLIVEAUX said...

Yes my pile of magazines is continually growing! Loving all your Christmas inspiration photo's...such an exciting time of year! Amanda x

Millie said...

I do love the 'little white numbered boxes on the wall' Advent Calendar Catherine, too cute! Don't worry about all those mags you haven't had time to read. What a treat Boxing Day will be - on the couch all day with those gorgeous glossies.
Millie ^_^