Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas present ideas

Arnaud is an Australian company that makes bath and body products. I'm not affiliated to them in any way - I just love their products and want to share the love. What really appeals to me is their packaging - it is simple, yet stunning. I love the neutral colours, the gorgeous curved bottles with their waxed corks, the luscious soaps encased in script paper. There are four ranges - chamomile and lavender, frangipani, lime and white grapefruit, brazillian vanilla and tangerine and moroccan rose and palma rosa.

I have a bottle of their bath salts and a bottle of their body lotion in my bathroom, and I can't bring myself to open them because I'll ruin the beautiful packaging!

I would love a whole bowl full of these beautiful soaps. Can you imagine them piled up in a gorgeous unpolished marble bowl? You can find out more details, including stockists at www.arnaud.com.au I'm not sure if they stock outside Australia.


viera said...

Thank you for the idea Catherine!

Solange said...

hey, that's nice, since it's my husbands name! :-)
maybe a good christmas idea...??

have a nice day,

mondo cherry said...

I haven't come across these yet Catherine but they look divine. I have the same problem with opening such gorgeous packaging!

Fiona Taylor said...

Lovely idea - What a great way to make someone feel very spoiled!

Millie said...

One of my favourites too!
Millie ^_^

ness lockyer said...

I love this brand. The soaps also look great in one of those tall French glass cannisters with the finials on top.
Ness xx