Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More of Binny's abode

This house may be brand new, but look at the beautiful front doors.... I want them.

Wow, I love these industrial style light fittings and this white kitchen is just perfect.

Love the grey wall colour in this study (below)

More soda syphons!

images Australian Home Beautiful

Binny says "When I see something I love, I buy it, and find a place for it later". I think this strategy is working for her.

I tried googling Binny Hudson to find out more about this talented woman, but sadly found nothing new. So Binny...whoever you are...thank you!

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citysage said...

I LOVE this interior! The way she has mixed in all her collections without making the house feel cluttered is so lovely. I think her success has to do with sticking to such a simple palette of whites, blacks, greys and browns. And in fact, it's so nice to see how someone has mixed cool tones like black and great with the warmer browns---this can be hard to do but she makes it look easy!

On a separate note, I'm convinced that you guys get MUCH better decorating mags down there than we do here in North America...I just may have to get my hubster's Aussie relatives to pop some in the mail for me!